The 2018 iPad Pro is a whole new animal, and it’s price tag definitely shows it. Is the extra cash worth it over the 10.5″ iPad Pro?
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2018 iPad Pro (Amazon) ➡
2017 10.5″ iPad Pro (Amazon) ➡

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  1. Which iPad Pro do you guys think is the better choice?
    The BEST Choice (Amazon) ➡

    2018 iPad Pro (Amazon) ➡
    2017 10.5" iPad Pro (Amazon) ➡

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  2. Which is the right choice in 2020?

  3. 2020 , 390$ ipad pro 17 i just got one. Loving it

  4. Wait, did this dude lose weight?

  5. He Max. I've been watching your videos recently because I'm looking into getting an iPad.
    I keep finding your videos.
    And you have a good presentation.

  6. The 2017 iPad Pro has a blacked out front also. Thumbs down.

  7. 10.5 is more than sufficient for 95% of all users.
    Plus it doesn't bend that easly.
    Plus it has a better camera with OIS.
    Plus it has a headphone port.
    Plus it has a nicer, rounded edge.
    Plus it isn't that ridiculously overpriced.
    Only major advantage is the new Pencil 2. But guess what, you have to pay extra for that again, ofc!

  8. Can you release an updated version of this video with iPadOS & the updated price? The newer iPadOS software changes the experienced between both of these Pro models

  9. I got a dilemma, I have a 10.5 and want to get a Apple Pencil…

    A, get the Apple Pencil 1
    B, trade in, upgrade to 11 pro and get AP2
    C, wait until March for new iPad and get AP2?


  10. Great comparison. Thanks, really helped me to decide which one to get.

  11. Okay I have a question and sorry if I sound dumb but: How much bigger is the iPad 11 compared to 10.5

  12. I had the 11 inch and returned it to get the 10.5. I prefer the screen dimensions of the 10.5 for productivity as the 11 inch is more widescreen (what are they thinking here since it's a pro model… just use it for Netflix???).
    In addition to that it's not really better in a way that you would notice when you're actually using it to work. It might look more futuristic or whatever, and the pen charging is a cool thing, but that is all in my opinion. When you also consider the 11 inch with 256gb is $949 while the 10.5 256gb can be bought brand new for like $450, it's a no brainer (even if you're rich in my opinion)!

  13. Guys which IPad Pro Should by for Gaming 10.5 or 11

  14. The 10.5 selfie is far superior. 4:30 and you took different would be insane to purchase the new ipad it will be half the price in 12 months

  15. Save a grand and get the better 10.5

  16. and the 10.5 has an earphone jack.-)

  17. the 11 inch has a bigger screen, looks more modern and the apps perform very well. but, the 10 inch has a home button, same mp camera, more ram and slimmer side bezels, and is half the price.

  18. What wallpaper is that?

  19. Were can I find the wallpaper of the 3rd generation of the iPad Pro??.?.?????

  20. It is such a shame, I spent over 900 us for the 10.5 because by then “it was the newest and most powerful iPad ever “ then 5 months later it became an old fashioned device and even with all its power, the new one is almost double fast and powerful; nonetheless by now it worth half of its price….. I felt I got scammed by Apple, this shouldn’t be legal….

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