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Prepare for a wireless headphones shopping therapy! We’ve rounded up 10 over the ear models with prices starting from $70 (lower than that, you’ll likely get a dud) and reaching $299 – only for true enthusiasts!

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  1. Anything WIRELESS is a form of a radio frequency RADIATION which is not GOOD for YOU. So if you want to fry your brain wireless headphones is what you need.

  2. This guy probably never heard of bluedio.

  3. dude stop smiling

  4. Prices are in dollars but which country's dollars?

  5. Since when are skullcandy hesh 2's $180

  6. what the fuck? who the fuck is this?

  7. Ganja makes everyone smile. :')

  8. what's your opinion in bulls headphones

  9. the turtlebeaches hear are like 20 dallors i boght one

  10. I really like the sound quality of my SONY MDR-V700. Is there any Bluetooth headphones with the same sound quality on the market ?

  11. In terms of sound quality only, which ones are better? Creative Sound Blaster Jam, Creative WP 350 or Jaybird X2?

  12. Bluedio Victories are really good too.

  13. I can't choose between the jabra revo wireless and the jbl e50bt… Any advice? Which one is more comfortable? Thanks

  14. anyone of you have tried NIA Bluetooth Stereo Headphone? i'm planning to buy one but not sure about the quality.

  15. I have the last one

  16. No Bluedio R+ Legends, Hurricanes, or UFO's? some of the best batteries in the game and killer bass. I'll be moving right a long.

  17. How good are Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless? I have been reading and some say they are not that good

  18. he sound like Arnold

  19. guy makes useful video. everyone complains about his type and accent. retards smdh…

  20. Junk here, senheizer is the only way to go

  21. i saw skulcandy for 80 euros

  22. Hes trying too hard to be like inbox therapy

  23. The dude looks like a pornstar in Kazakhstan.

  24. just wanna ask , bose soundlink on ear or around ear is not so good compare to all of this on video?

  25. I bought the wireless hesh 2 headphones for the gym and they suck. They don't give enough volume and the bass is crap.

  26. nice review man, i enjoyed your looks, your voice and your video, don't let the trolls keep you down, your amazing man, more videos please

  27. LMAOO this guys accent kills me

  28. Laughs cause this guy thinks $70 is budget headphones.

  29. "Asking Price… $300 Darwas"

  30. wow great video dude

  31. Hesh 2 Wireless from skullcandy are awsome!

  32. Bro, where are you getting your prices from ?

  33. Are you going to do also an episode of wireless earbuds?

  34. YESSS!!! I love them House of Marleys. 

  35. High definition. Audio has no resolution.

  36. I don't like this guy, don't keep him out of pitty

  37. I didn't much care for his delivery. I would have enjoyed this much better reading it as an article. Either put somebody on who's entertaining or can deliver a narrative without having to cut and splice video to make it.

  38. Wireless earbud (in ear) headsets next please.

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