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You all know I love IFTTT, so here are some of my favorite productivity recipes!

To add these recipes to your IFTTT, head on over to the Todoist blog for the companion piece:

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  1. So i would like to tell my google assistent a to turn on «Chillmode» and then automatically dim the lights and put on relaxing spa music at the same time, is this possible to do?

  2. Why are you in such a hurry

  3. Oh shit. I forgot all about this dude. Miss these videos! And the mini mods.

  4. looking at a video that is labeled IFTTT. didnt find that here

  5. Hey it's the Best Damn EDC guy

  6. I like todoist but all these recipes are absolutely useless. Period.

  7. I am only just now discovering the entire IFTTT thing. Would I be accurate in assuming that IFTTT is like the iOS Shortcuts but for more than just iOS?

  8. This is too fast to digest.

  9. I have Google assistant on my android. I just want to smarten her up a little..I don't have Google home or internet at home. What I want to do is talk to assistant to post my status on Facebook by talking to assistant. Also I would like to talk to messanger to send messages also. Is this possible with applets?

  10. accidently upvotes porn on Reddit

  11. ???????❤️???????

  12. Sooo it's about ???????….

  13. Everything was focused on Todoist. There should have been greater variety!

  14. Tasker > ITTTT

  15. Wow, a lot of helpful stuff, absolutely cool if you use Todoist.
    I will try to find something useful for Trello, but thanks for pointing me to this! 🙂

  16. Do you have a iftt app to remind you to respond to comments?

  17. how do you remember to look at Todoist ???

  18. toggl is the best time tracking tool i've found with great reports & stats

  19. How can i use IFTTT for business

  20. Very nice video. .

  21. Todoist, todoist, todoist, todoist, todoist. Shut up with todoist!

  22. hello, I need a program which can analyse screen/data.. and act(click / alert me) as I order it. (I need to get an appointment, which is are randomly opened in website any time in a day, i need a program which can click(refresh) page and check if appointment is available.. if available it should alert me (sound alert)

  23. No wunderlist is the best to do app……. oh shoot Microsoft killed wunderlist well yeah I guess to do ist is the best app I guess


  24. can you please help me?

  25. Great video. Although I like the idea and do see how it can improve productivity, a real concern is security. They seem to have access to everything!

  26. the first one about missed calls is dynamite. into todoist it goes!

  27. Hey Taylor ,Bro what Brand of Video Camera are using? its crystal clear

  28. This is highly mislabeled. It's not so much for IFTTT users as opposed to TD fanboys. Unless you're a huge fan of TD, then this relatively useless & a waste of time. Thanks…?

  29. I can not find where the create a recipe button is on ifttt? did they remove it?

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