Laptop Buying Guide for Beginners! These 10 Tips will (hopefully) help make it easier to buy your next Laptop! — Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code TECHCHAP for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! ?

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  1. Any tips for buying a laptop you think i've missed? Share them! ?

  2. Hola! I understand a gaming related laptop is good but would you kindly share your recommendation of the best long term windows laptop for a professional Internet & ipod radio and also for developing videos. I already had my experience as a hostess and want to have as much "hands on" as possible. Please advise! Gracias for your time!

  3. We all know what's the most imporntant use for a big SSD.

  4. SPEAKERS! I need a 15 inch 8GB 256 SSD FHD laptop that has speakers that mean I don't have to use headphones or bluetooth speakers when I'm watching & listening to news content whilst eating my breakfast. I just rejected an Acer A515-43 because the volume level at 100% was pathetically weak & worse than my old Aspire 15! I'm not going to pay up to £600 for rubbish so suggestions on what to buy would be greatly appreciated.

  5. is watching netflix graphicly intensive?

  6. Whats the model at 0:13 ?

  7. Sir I am a poor student who gave me a laptop for your help ?

  8. Give me any leptop ?

  9. Avita PURA laptop good or bad????
    Should i buy this brand laptop???

  10. The big thing I wanted from this (as someone who is not a tech savvy) was, what is memory, what is RAM, how is it different to storage? Also apparently just the running of the laptop takes up most of the storage space – how much does it take up, how do I ascertain how much storage I am actually getting?
    I mean its obvious the higher the better, but that doesn't actually help when you have a budget and don't know what to pick. Please someone help quick thanks.

  11. i7-10510U vs i7-1065G7 why Intel made too much difference between those two processes compared to price and clock speed. Which one is better overall.

  12. I have recently had to dismantle my office to turn it into a new baby room so I need to offload my PC and buy a good laptop. My main uses are photo and video editing so I need it to have dedicated graphics. I don't have a preference between Mac OS and Windows but really do like using Logic Pro for my audio (I'm a musician). For video editing, I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro so again, no real preference on OS.
    I would say I'm torn between a 16" MacBook Pro and a Dell XPS 15 but I'm open to other suggestions too. The main turnoff with regards to the MacBook is the price as I'm not sure it'd be worth the difference for what I need. Anyway, this is a long comment, anyone got any advice?

  13. “It’s all about the size and shape…” – Golden… lol..

  14. Can someone tell me please, laptop for premiere pro cc 2019 what is the best option for less than $1500 ??

  15. What support should I look for when buying a new computer?

  16. It's all too complicated and you talk too fast.

  17. ??? rocking laptops bro..?

  18. finally motivating myself to go back to school and enroll in online classes through my local community college. thank you for posting this! ????

  19. Any suggestions on best budget gaming laptops under $1000?

  20. One of the best videos out there!

  21. I’m looking for a Gaming Labtop around $300-350. And after watching this video, I’m still not 100% sure what would be the best fit in finding a laptop to specifically play games. What would you recommend??

  22. What do u think about asus vivobook 15 8gb/2gb graphics/256ssd laptop ? Worth buying it ?

  23. You forget to suggest linux o.s.

  24. IMHO the Razer blade should be substituted for the eluktronics mag15.

  25. The tech chap, I’m just looking for a laptop that is used for pulling videos from my GoPro Hero 8 Black and editing my videos for YouTube (not extensively just cut/mesh them together). That’s about all I’m using it for. I record in 4K 30 FPS and my video files are huge! Can you make me a recommendation? I will also need an external hard drive most likely

  26. I'm getting an ASUS and can't find it anywhere online, but I think the specs are good. 🙂

  27. @The Tech Chap :Chromebooks Can Be Put Into Dev. Mode And Are Able To Then Run
    Windows 10, 7, 8.1, Vista, And Linux Software. They Are Also A Lot Cheaper So Getting
    A Chromebook And Converting It To Windows 10, And Linux, Is Quite Easy as Long As
    You Know What YouAre Doing… Which Most Consumers Probably Will Not But Still Its
    Possible. All You Need Is A Basic Knowledge of (C.R.O.S.H.) or (Chrome Developer Shell.)
    And (HTML) Coding. It Does Require A External Mouse And Keyboard. As Well As A 16 GB USB.

  28. I still use HP 2000 PC, and it has got great specs look down below:

    HP 2000 Laptop Specs – Windows 8 Edition
    (8.1 actually after update)
    Weight: 2.45kg.
    (Yeah very light weight as compared to deckstop)
    Colour: No one cares 🙂
    Screen: 15.6-inch with 1 inch screen bezel(In case you dunno whats bezel than just google it)
    Full-size keyboard.
    (Don't have separate number pad)
    (have a deep black spot in center)
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processors.

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (doesn't really seems so)

  29. what about surface book 2?

  30. Which dell/hp laptop has a core i7 10th gen, 1 TB storage, 8gb ram, 2gb nvidia's geforce/ amd radeon, has USB 3.0, USB type C, hdmi, aux, DVDwr ports ?

  31. Can you please review the New Dell Vostro i7 (10th Gen)?

  32. Hey tech chap
    When can we expect these Athena quality laptops to be available
    I’m in the market for a laptop and I want to know how long this will take

  33. What laptop is that laptop u display during 2:08

  34. These tips are great!?

  35. So macbook air is better now that matebook x pro?

  36. The thing is, if you're here, you probably want to buy a gaming laptop that you'll use for 20years+

  37. Bro I need laptop but I have no enough money

  38. Heres A Very Quick Question.
    My 3.66 ghz quadcore lga 775 processor has a 6 mb cache.
    Is The 6 mb Cache Good?
    It Was A 2009 Model Version of A Laptop. The Lenovo B50-80 Windows Vista. Of Course Its Up To Date RN With Windows 10. And 8 gb of RAM. But Still Is A 6 mb Cache Good?

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