Watch Next: iPad Mini 5 iPadOS Review & Setup –
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The iPad Pro is the best of the best but can the iPad Mini help you accomplish just about everything you can do with a Pro? Let’s find out!

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  1. Watch Next: iPad Mini 5 iPadOS Review & Setup –

  2. Wish they made a ipad pro mini ??‍♂️

  3. Nice review sir. Same like. Ipad pro. Ipad mini for me is just too small

  4. Nice handwriting 🙂

  5. Have a tabs6 that I draw on…. but I want to get an ipad for the use of procreate … … maybe shud get a mini??? …Great vid by the way

  6. iPad mini is awesome and affordable. I love it. It works with so many accessories, INCLUDING A MOUSE! iPad Mini all the way

  7. Finally got the comparison i needed most.. thanks for sharingbDailytekk. I go for ipad mini because it fits in my hand and budget too. ?

  8. Thanks for advice…but I'm not buying …

  9. I Have An iPad Mini 5 and has no accessories with it. ;-;

  10. "Ipad Pro uses USB-C port" -sold

  11. Hope Apple makes a full screen in the next iteration of iPad Mini.

  12. Don’t forget that there’s no bending in mini

  13. I have both! ?

  14. I don’t know what to get iPad Pro or iPad mini 5

  15. What about safari in IPad mini in the latest update of IPad OS, is it desktop browser too?

  16. I just got my mini5 today for school and I’m liking it

  17. Your video helped me to make the decision to buy iPad mini 2019 version and I am loving it .

  18. He does some….. some…. some… and some…..

    That's basically everything ?❤

  19. Which is better for gaming

  20. If there’s an adult that cares about what people think about them based on the iPad they use, well…

  21. I usually kinda care about what people think of me but when it comes to technology I don't. Never had an apple product in my life so I cant really tell how old it looks. Also I think the button makes it look cute and not old.

  22. 10:35
    What is the name !?

  23. I’m litterly watching this on a iPad mini 5 (2019) it cost me 400 and something for this ipad

  24. What I want to know is display quality

  25. Excellent; thanks so much. A really useful video. 🙂

  26. if they only were making a 8" mini pro with 4 speakers that would be awesome

  27. Mini 5 is the best, especially when I have to travel a lot. The best features now are can using mouse, faster wifi connection, able to save to usb / ssd, and I can design wordpress websites directly with mini (safari support desktop websites now).
    I can easily design using sketch, canva, luma vision and still in the smaller & lighter size than pro. Price ? Hmmm only 1/3 pro

  28. I think the ipad mini would be better for playing games because my ipad pro 11 feels heavy and cumbersome when playing games

  29. Ha, ha….I watched this video and typed this comment on my new iPad Mini 5, 256GB. Got a great screen protector and folding and tilting case for it. Great for one bag, carry on, minimalist travel. I’ll never fly to Asia with my MacBook Air again. It’s staying home. Thank you for the video.

  30. I think it would be interesting to have a comparison between the iPad mini & the iPad Air since they're closer in specs

  31. how can i get that background wallpaper?

  32. Does split view on the pro 11 inch show 2 iPhone versions of the app side by side instead of iPad versions?

  33. That was AWESOME at 1:48 "You should not worry what people think of you" #AndyMineo love it

  34. Is it smooth on every game?
    Plzz reply

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