2017 iPad Pro vs 2019 iPad Air! In this video we do a comparison between Apples best from 2017 vs the 2019 iPad Air 3rd generation which features many similar features. In this iPad Pro 10.5 vs iPad Air comparison you should be able to learn which is going to be the best tablet for you. If you already have one of these tablets please consider sharing your feedback with the community to help others out to decide which is going to be the best option for them!

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  1. 2017 iPad Pro vs 2019 iPad Air! Let's discuss these twins! Share your thoughts, questions, comments, experiences below! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Ich fühle mich verarscht?

  3. Ipad air is better cuz the ipad air has A12 its can survive for 2025

  4. Do you know where I can get that wallpaper that’s cool

  5. I got my pro 2017 for 390 € including the Apple pen, I guess this was the best deal I could find.

  6. Its weird the 2019 has an A10 chip in it from the iphone 7 with ipad os i see them keep updated supported for ipad os differently. As the ipad air og got support for 5 years but only had 1gb of ram. When the chipset increases as well as the ram i would assume the a10 chip for ipads will get updates till 2024. Regardless of what ipad its on. Same for the 2017 ipad that has an a9 chip in it. It realistically should be supported until 2022.

  7. Watching on my iPad air 3
    Pro waste of money

  8. I still can’t choose as I’m in the market for one on the above, thanks for the video I think I’m gonna choose the cheapest device I can buy.

  9. Just google iPad Pro white patch on the screen. All you need to know.

  10. The 2017 Pro is better in features but Apple doesn't take this into account when updating devices, is all about the release year. The 2017 Pro probably will receive updates for two more years and the Air 3 until 2024 or so.

  11. What u prefer and what u should get are 2 different things!!. Get the Air!!!

  12. The a10x fusion has 6 cores but doesnt run simultaneously right? Only 3 high perf cores for intensive and 3 high efficiency for basic tasks?

  13. Even tho A10x is slower than A12, its gpu is actually stronger. In geekbench compute test air 2019 gets 4500 points pro 2017 6500. Also 120hz display and quad spearkers make this comparison a no brainer

  14. Just got a brand new 256GB Pro for the same price as a 64GB Air in Amazon's Black Friday sale 🙂

  15. That's why apple don't waste nothing, they use de old shells, they just change the interior

  16. I need to play 120hz minecraft so iPad Pro

  17. Hard to pass on $289 for a 64GB iPad Air 3, newer processor/tech

  18. 70% of ipad pro 2017 devices wr defective. Some says they have bright spot issues some says they tend to freeze screen while charging, and that was what mine's issue. In short "poor quality control"

  19. I am really struggling to find the best option for me between these tablets. College student that will not be video editing or creating music, but the pro screen is amazing. I am mostly using notes, reading articles, annotating articles, excel, word, google drive … etc. Which one do you think will fit my needs?

  20. I’d rather buy a second hand ipad pro

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