Taking a look at the new iPad and seeing how it stacks up against the previous generation Air 2.

No shocker that both are excellent tablets.

But you may be a little surprised with this new iPad review.

The 4k source video used for the iMovie export test is a 2min 13sec 100Mbps video shot using a Panasonic G7 (a great 4k cam btw).

This video was shot on a Samsung NX500
All music was produced using samples from Samsung Soundcamp.

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  1. Awesome comparison!!!???? Very very thanks ???

  2. IPad 5th gen (2017) will get updates longer then the air 2

  3. It’s hard to take either device seriously in 2019 without a floppy disk drive, or an N64 controller port. Apple have lost sight of what the user base needs for daily use.

  4. When will the air 2 not being ios supported

  5. Ive been using air 2 for 5 years and im switching to pro 2017 cuz air 3 is litterally the same pro has a pencil so i choose it

  6. I just bought one (Air 2) and I can’t bealive how it can perform so good. And how great it feels in hand. Also bought a gift for “her”: a logitech type+ 😀 they make such a great couple ?

  7. Can you fit a 5th generation ipad into a air 1 or 2 case


  9. Do they have the same screen dimension? Trying to buy a tempered glass protection for my ipad5 and they say the one for ipad air2 will fit the same?

  10. Things that the iPad 6 doesn’t have, but the Air 2 has
    1. Anti-reflective coating
    2. Thin and light design
    3. Fully laminated display

  11. does the iPad Air 2 silicone case fit the iPad 2017?
    i really like Apple made cases but its hard to find one for the 2017 or 2018 model

  12. Is the iPad Air 2 and the iPad 6th generation the same size? I’m asking because I got a case that said it was for the iPad Air 2, or iPad 9.7 pro and I have the iPad 6th generation, but it is a super tight fit and it doesn’t seem to go in all the way. I’m not sure if I should return the case and get a new one or if I should keep it. Please help!

  13. Watching on iPad 2017 in 2018

  14. The Air 2 has MUCH better speakers than the 2018

  15. Need help! Although i have the ipad 6th gen already still thinkin to buy for a back up one
    The air 2 or this 2017 5th gen?? Comment "give it to me" if air 2 comment "nice and slow" if 5th gen. lol ?

    Or thumbs up air 2 thumbs down 5th gen thanks

  16. iPad air 2 forever….

    Read more

  17. iPad air 2 foreveer……

    Read more

  18. Very meaningful review from consumer point of view. Great work ??

  19. Great Comparison I am going to subscribe and thank you for saving me money just ordered the iPad Air 2.

  20. Who else just thinks they’re the same thing?? ?

  21. watching on iPad Air 2

  22. Can 2017 ipad play roblox with no lag?

  23. I had a iPad Air 2 and sold it for the latest model the iPad 2018. A10 fusion chip and Apple Pencil support and hey Siri handsfree all for the price of the iPad 2017. ?

  24. I don't care about the weight or pictures or taking videos. I only care about which one will run games better. So would that be the iPad 5th gen?

  25. Do one of the air 2 vs iPad 2018

  26. Just got this new ipad worth upgrading i had the ipad air 1 had it 4 years and it just got slow with ios 11. Now with this one its more snappy.

  27. I do not speak English

  28. I feel a bit better now, I broke my air 2 and didn't have enough money for a new one so I had to buy the iPad 2017

  29. The iPad 2017 is cheaper where I live

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