Review from a REAL Computer Scientist! Code, study, and work on ONLY an iPad? I’ve done it for a year!

I just upgraded to the 12.9″ 2018 iPad Pad Pro! There’s a lot new changes. I give my thoughts on the iPad’s Design, Case, Pencil, Speakers, Camera, CPU/GPU, and Ram. Hope you enjoy!

Link to my Paper about the iPad Speakers:

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  1. For Programming isn’t so good

    Do check this out for the most easiest method

  3. There is no part talking about Coding…

  4. Thanks for not talking about coding. I really appreciate the clickbait.

  5. can we really use it for matlab and spss? im still not convinced thanks

  6. This review was pure gold, dude. Wonderful job

  7. nice video sir, I am from india and i want to ask you some questions about ipad pro please clear my confussion about it i
    1. Can we edit videos on it which i want to upload on YouTube
    2. can we play powerful games on it like pubg
    3.i am an school student now i want to be a hacker so i want to purchase a laptop but can i use ipad for coding or hacking
    please help me sir

  8. What app do you use for The textbooks?

  9. Wtf… the whole point of video is missing … computer scientist talking about iPad case and keyboard ord?

  10. when will apple users realize, apple only allows the 1TB to have 6GB so that you upgrade!!!! Its no different from removing the headphone jack, so you will buy the airpods, limiting the storage so you will purchase icloud storage..lmao come over to android, we will welcome you. Open your eyes.

  11. A YouTube channel named after a single product?
    Creativity: am I a joke to you?

  12. iPad pro 12.9” big > macbook 12” LOL

  13. Please talk about the iPad Pro not the accessories!

  14. Will coding on an ipad pro 11 inch give comfortability too?

  15. nice a “computer” professional actually using the ipad pro and doing a review instead of a “tech” guy! i love all the tech yt’bers btw no bashing lol! been wondering if coding etc can be done, SUBBED’

  16. 1:40 – You iPad is bent at bottom near charging port

  17. Actually I am also an iPad Pro 12.9 inch user and I think macbook will be the best choice for developers. DO NOT waste money on iPad. I myself think macBook would have been a better choice. iPad is for students who wan't convenience instead of creativity.. Rest depends on you and your needs. X(

  18. 1:45……. Yeah? Well it’s a $2000 sheet of glass with metal on the back

  19. I've got a question:
    Is it possible to use the full (Desktop) Version of Microsoft Word on the iPad?
    I want to get an device for uni and since I want to study math the pencil support ist awesome. I like the apple pencil much more than the surface pen and thus wanted an iPad.
    I am just kinda "scared" that the device cannot carry me though everything. Primary when iit's about writing scientificall things where you have to keep track of source etc…
    Could I write such things on my iPad?

  20. bass isnt sound clarity and the extra ram on the 1tb is for storage management

  21. could you review surface book 2 and would it be good for coding (also windows 10?)

  22. I think you meant to say that you downgraded from the 2017 Macbook Pro to the 2018 iPad Pro

  23. Macbook pro??? Wtf man.

  24. How would steve job react when seeing how the apple pencil first gen charge?

  25. Bro this the first time I see your channel and you do good review in this video and I respect you start your channel very simple without a lot of work editing like almost channel in YouTube I understand this point and about the way you make your review really I like because it is no empty like almost channel in YouTube because very organized about the information you give us about the product in your review . Is a really cool and professional please keep your reviews always like this review and we will wait for your upgrade for recording your reviews no problems.. keep going you’re awesome bro

  26. Great video! You have a great voice and the flow was very smooth. I really enjoyed it your video. However, I feel like i’ve been touched. Like, someone softly touched my leg… slowly. Wait, have I been touched? But I like it? Whyyyyyy? No! Whyyyyyyy. Ok, I’ll go now. Thanks! I guess.

  27. Real world review… Nice

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