2018 iPad vs iPad Mini 5 – Hello all and welcome to this video comparison between the 2018 iPad and 2019 iPad Mini 5th generation! In this video I attempt to help you decide which device is going to be the better pick for you. The 2018 Apple iPad features a 9.7 inch retina display, Apple A10 fusion chip, and 2GB of ram with Apple pencil support. The 2019 Apple iPad Mini 5 features the Apple A12 Bionic chip and 3GB of ram with Apple pencil support. If you have either one of these iPads or…

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  1. Should you buy 2018 iPad or iPad Mini 5? Let's find out in this video! Let's gooo!!!

  2. i have both , both are nice

  3. I’m getting my iPad mini 5 today for my birthday!

  4. bla bla bla bla bla bla
    nice video(no)

  5. He doesn't even know mini has a laminated screen while.the 2018 doesnt.

  6. Watching on the Air 3 because I couldn’t afford a Pro and needed an iPad with some punch.

  7. Pubg ipad mini vs ipad 2018 ???

  8. how was photo editing on both?

  9. For a 70 bux more you get way better chip than the 2018 one and extra ram and 64 GB storage!!! Better one to go! Don't get the 2018 now tbh

  10. I'm confused does the pencil stick to the iPad mini 5 side?

  11. Nick – FANTASTIC VIDEO ?

  12. Can help me?
    Can I find person can explain the important note for this vedio?

  13. I agree with Nick that for the full iPad experience, the 9.7 in iPad is better. I've been using a Mini 2 for 4 years now. Before that, iPad 2. I still miss the bigger screen after all this time.

  14. Very accurate review
    Best actually

  15. I wanted the mini but when I got my iPad 6 the mini 4 was out sooo

  16. Is 32 gb enough? Or should i take 128 gb?

  17. Id go for ipad min because of the performance and the laminated screen

  18. Bro plz reply ???
    Which one is better for gaming
    Ipad or ipad mini plz bro ???????????

  19. Hi guys. Ipad 2019 vs ipad mini 5? What would you recommend? Mini is better in every way and only 10-15% more expensive in my country, but I would also love to take avantage of the 10.2 inch screen in new iPad. Gonna use it a lot for reading books, Apple pencil, browsing internet, occasionally some split screen, a little bit of gaming, creating some documents, and watching a lot of movies/series. I would pick mini honestly, but this 10.2 inch screen is tempting, and seems to be better for productivity. I literally know anything about those tablets, but just wondering if I get any suggestions here from users or students who happen to used mini fos college or the ipad

  20. Nick which one has better battery life?

  21. please compare between ipad mini 5 and ipad 10.2 inch

  22. Hopefully the next iPad Mini will have an edge to edge screen, Face ID, and USB C

  23. the ipad 2018 uses the old iphone 7 2016 a10 chipset
    while ipad mini 5 uses the beast iphone xs max a12 chipset that is definitely more powerful specially in high graphic games

  24. Which one would be ideal for reading PDF magazines? Any help would be appreciated!

  25. Whats better to play with pubg?

  26. I purchased ipad 201i last year
    And mini last week.
    If u love big screen go for ipad 2018
    But mini is much more powerful
    A12 Processor
    More Ram more rom
    Better true tone coloe no air gaps.
    Mini is compact n light weight 1 hand typing n holding is possible.
    If u are gamer Mini is a beast with 2.84 ghz processor .
    More updates available.
    Antutu benchmark of my ipad is 199845. Mini score is 347097.
    More value for money is mini but yes if budget is less and only educational use n making note is priority then ipad is worth.. Otherwise mini is much more crisp compact light powerful true color tone better display with no gaps faster n beast for gamers.. ?

  27. Which one best buy for pubg mobile

  28. I do not understand English very much, I want you to tell me the best of them.

  29. Literally watched your channel blow up.

  30. Which one has a better reading experience?

  31. Wathing on my ipad mini 2 ?

  32. I’ve ordered the iPad Mini 256 GB and will have it tomorrow, monday. I have an iPad Pro 11’’ , 256 GB too. But since my desease I have to be a lot on my bed and the Pro is heavy to hold. The mini is only 300 gr. And I think I’m gonna like it.

  33. How's the reading experience on the mini?
    Is it noticeably bigger and better than average phones?
    Or would ipad be a better device for reading?

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