I compare the iPad Pro 10.5 to the 2018 iPad (6th Gen).

***Time Codes***
Intro 0:00
Price 00:17
Size 00:50
Camera 1:16
Dimensions 1:35
Weight 1:53
TouchID 2:10
Displays 2:49
Apple Pencil 4:19
Specs 6:23
Benchmarks 6:56
Brightness 7:33
Speed: 8:10
Conclusion 9:48
Outro 11:21
End: 11:43

Gear I used to make this video:

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Outro Music: “Sunday” by Otis…

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  1. Great review! Saw on Facebook marketplace the 256 2017 pro on sale for $250 and the 2018 regular iPad for $220. Suffice to say, this video helped my make my decision

  2. is there touch latency on ipad 2018?

  3. the 10.5 has a laminated display…so imma go with it 😀

  4. get the pro, get the fold.

  5. Buy the ipad pro and get angrier birds on angry birds.

  6. I'm a student and basically looking for any tablet that helps me reading, highlighting pdf documents and save it. Which one will be better? Also does ipad pro and ipad 2018 support highlighting pdf and saving them?

  7. This comparison seems extremely biased toward the new ipad. The Pro 10.5 inch is quite a bit better, and he goes through and opens the most random things…clearly all the things which have a small difference (1 or 2 seconds) and then even when there's a difference he says "pretty much the same time". I have never seen someone do that in a comparison. The one thing which would be very important for performance is Fortnite, and oh look he just happens to only open it to a screen which requires no performance whatsoever (lol??) Why don't you try a) loading up fornite, and b) actually showing the in-game graphics in the video and there would be a massive difference. The ipad 10.5 is ridiculously OP. I don't own one either so my opinion is not a biased one. I remember when it came out other companies were losing laptop sales because it was destroying high-end laptop benchmarks. People were doing articles about how the current best laptop was a tablet with a keyboard lmao. The Ipad 6 or w/e (new one) is really good, especially for the price, but in a comparison with pro 10.5 it gets wrecked really bad on quality and especially anything which uses multiple cores.

  8. I’m watching this on a new 2018 ipad.. I want a pro

  9. i bought the smaller!




  13. I have an iPad 2018, and i looooove it?❤️

  14. Hello, am i allowed to use some phrases of your Video for a presentation of my school? Its about using iPads in school.

  15. as a student will i experience any difference while taking notes, will it justify my extra spendings, or i would be well off making notes on the ipad 2018.

  16. 128gb 2018 iPad ($420) vs. 64gb apple refurbished 2017 iPad pro ($480)????

  17. Pro:bettee grapich and all that……Wrong whats the right answer 2018!!!!!!!!?????

  18. I'd go for the 2018 ipad cause It's just not worth it paying all that money

  19. i xant wait to haev my 10.65 sob333 crying haha

  20. 2018 9.7 is a tremendous value and is perfectly fine for most people.

  21. A bit slower ipad 2018 is just fine for me as far as reflections of the screen i have a friend who have a Pro and i compared it reflectiveness there not much of a difference …

  22. From a student perspective. All of the differencing he is mentioning you won’t even notice. Only real tech savvy people notice things like that. Regular people don’t even care. Plus is 300 dollars cheaper. Connects to the iPencil. Has split screen. Nice size. Why pay 300 more dollars for a few seconds of speeds or less of a glare.

  23. Battery of ipad 2018 ?

  24. Nice review!, I'm getting the regular 2018 ipad, since it's cheaper than the new ipad air 2019. I'm gonna use it as a secondary illustration tool :))

  25. It’s not fair to compare especially when one is a pro and one is a reg iPad.

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