It’s Apple vs. Apple in Lisa Gade’s comparison of the new 2018 MacBook Air laptop and the 2018 (3rd gen) iPad Pro tablet. Can the iPad Pro be your main computer? Which has superior hardware? She touches on that and much more.
Watch our 2018 MacBook Air review:
Watch our 2018 iPad Pro review:
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  1. This is the best companion device to use along with a work os school computer. But if this is between iPad Pro or a MacBook Air to choose from, the average user should be okay for iPad Pro for the basic uses.

  2. The only reason I’m watching this is becuz I need something for high school but the reason why I didn’t consider the iPad Pro is because I hated the keys on the keyboard on the previous cover cases

  3. Lisa, I like your reviews so much that I listen to them while doing graphic content in SolidWorks.

  4. Problem I have with the iPad Pro? Regardless what I do, keeps dropping Wifi signal.

  5. Would be interesting to see this video updated with the introduction of the new iPad OS, curious how much of these things that will address.

  6. I mean who COULDNT LIKE THIS!??!

  7. My favorite female reviewer, you’re a lovely lady and very thorough as always! Much love and keep it up!

  8. What game is being demoed here?

  9. Love the review and always love the shirts!!!

  10. Thanks, this really helps. ?.

  11. iPad is not faster than MacBook. Geekbench is terrible because it tests CPU hash operations, and mobile processors are good at hashing. Real world load testing shows iPad is similar with a 4th gen Haswell i5 (think surface pro 3) which is not bad, but not faster than Mac.

  12. re: screen brightness… she says difference of 200 nits, but iPP is 600 and MBA is 300

  13. Love all the tech reviews, definitely helpful!

  14. used an ipad pro for 2 years and switched to a mac.

    Reading on a mac encourages active reading, i interact with what i read by analyzing the author’s main theses and taking notes on halfscreen; ipad encourages passive reading, applicable if you’re into fiction/entertainment.

    Watching media on a mac means you limit your screen time and live more; watching media on an ipad meant less sleep for me and invaded a lot of my time which wasn’t healthy.

  15. Apple expects us to choose iPad Pro.

  16. Have a 2016 MacBook, was thinking of changing to an 11 or 12" iPad Pro for no other reason then to try something different. I really only use my laptop for youtube, surfing, email.

  17. Nice review. Was that game odd world on the iPad? What gaming controller were you using? Thanks

  18. Lisa blows the boys out of the water on Youtube reviews. This is the only hardware channel I even stay subbed to. Buncha clowns like that HW Unboxing channel.

  19. I have both of these and a MBP. Apple seems to be great at making them all very good at specific things but not great at all things. That’s how they getcha ? .

  20. Simple I see Lisa I click like

  21. For someone who is just starting to enter photography as a hobby only would iPad Pro or MacBook Pro be better and which model? Plan on using Lightroom and into gaming.

  22. That shirt is awesome

  23. I have one word for you: terminal. From a developer's point of view, the fact that Mac Book Air has terminal makes it a million times better than iPad "Pro". Seriously, Apple shouldn't even be allowed to call these things Pro until they give us terminal.

  24. This was very helpful–you have done a nice job comparing the two for multiple uses!

  25. Thank you so much for your review, Lisa, I would love that new iPad! I have been dreaming that it would become a great laptop replacement since the original iPad. The iPad has enough productivity software for most of the work I would do (writing, planning, research, etc), but I still need to tote a laptop around because of my photography workflow. The biggest issue I have with iPad is the cumbersome method of transferring photos through the Photos app. I am exploring options, and I hope I can make something work, but need to hold my horses and continue to enjoy my still great original 12.9 iPad Pro until it no longer functions for me.

  26. Thanks for the review. Please can you speak a little slower or pause between sentences.

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