Apple updated their budget $329 iPad, but is the iPad Mini still a better option for most?
This is the BEST bang for buck iPad (Amazon) ➡

NEW $329 10.2″ iPad (Amazon) ➡
Buy the 2019 iPad Mini ➡
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Physical Differences – 0:16
Display Quality – 1:30
Laminated Display – 2:01
Apple Pencil Gap – 2:29
Speaker Comparison – 3:18
Camera Comparison -…

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  1. This is the BEST bang for buck iPad (Amazon) ➡

  2. it costs almost 1000$ in India

  3. IPad air Vs iPad mini makes sense

  4. I bought Ipad 10.2 after watching your Vedio
    Thank you?

  5. iPad 10.5 inch: Not as good editing skills

    Me: Lol im still gonna get it even if I edit a lot

    #onabudget lmao

  6. Sell to me ipad mini with lowest price lol ?????

  7. I want to buy a i pad ….. Can i buy a ipad mini or ipad air…?!!

  8. Quality vs quantity

  9. The only reason why I bought the iPad 7 is because it was $80 off.

  10. If you like small screen with good processor get the iphone. If you like budget ipad with larger screen get ipad 10.2. If you like large screen ipad with good processor get ipad pro. I don't know why anyone would buy ipad mini.

  11. This is a smart move by apple secretly promoting ipad air so they could continue the air series in much higher prince believe me in the upcoming year there is gonna be one released price at a very high cost

  12. The 10.2 inch iPad is a joke.

  13. Sorry you forgot to compare with Apples pencil

  14. This is microphone quality test on 20*18* ipad
    This is microphone quality test on 20*18* mini

  15. should i get the mini or the normal ipad if i´m just gonna use it for some college writing and books ?

  16. I have the 10.2 inch and now I want the mini. I can return it for full price rn and get my money back…

  17. Pretty sure the song was law and order lol

  18. you can get a cheap keyboard from China and a pen for cheap

  19. both are Good for Gaming Purpose bro

  20. I tried the iPad Air 10.5 and didn't like it and the price is really expensive I totally agree that if you want a good budget iPad to get the iPad mini 5 no bulk to it not heavy nor feels like a burden its the right fit

  21. Gonna get the ipad 10.2 in 2 weeks 😉

  22. Would you be able to send me the iPad mini 5 if no I get it I’m just curios

  23. The frame drop thing is practically irrelevant. Anyway, if you crack the iPad mini screen, I'm betting you need a new iPad mini rather than a new screen only?

  24. عندي اولاد اريد خبرتك في مجال الايباد ايهما احسن تقنيا واقوئ ايباد مني او ايباد 7 ارجو الرد انا من العراق

  25. 1st of NO ONE puts there graphics on high on codm because we are at a disadvantage, 2nd if you are a gamer NO ONE plays 2 finger claw so the ipad 2019 is better cuz of more space and Graphics should always be set to low.

  26. mini 5 is useless for note taking.

  27. You test the speakers and don’t tell us which is better? You know we can’t hear any real difference through your microphone, we need you to give us a rundown…

  28. Great complete review ? Thanks. I'd like to get iPad 10.2. I don't pretend a top class machine, but I hop it will perform quite well in gaming. I want to try Real Racing and Fortnite or PUBG mobile.

  29. En médico está en480 dólares la mini

  30. I feel insult word "budget iPad " just say iPad rather budget iPad. Because budget iPad is not free. It costs our hard earn 300 dollars.

  31. Ipad mini 5 is the winner….ipad 10.2 is too damn big.

  32. I want to replace my laptop



  34. mini is better 😉

  35. Is the Mini 5 display good enough for vudeo editing? It will be definitely easier to carry for daily usage. I am just a bit confused with the display size.

  36. I would rather have a bigger screen over true tone however I do wish the ipad 10.2 had a laminated display. Writing on it took some getting used to because of the lack of it.

  37. Please advise me of the best in games and charging

  38. In the P3 demonstration, I couldn't see the image in either display. I guess my partial colorblindness is making itself known.

  39. I definitely would not recommend iPad mini 5 right now.
    Firstly, its a 7 year old design!! Apple will update it soon, i am sure that design will be more like iPad pro 2018

  40. I have the 2019 ipad and love it. Use it all the time. But I am thinking of buying the ipad mini for my purse.

  41. Who TF plays a competitive game with their thumbs

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