How much better is the 2018 iPad Pro compared to Apple’s New 2019 10.2″ iPad? We compare them and see if it’s worth the extra price!
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Design Differences – 0:37
Camera Comparison -…

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  2. $329 for the 128gb ipad 7. It’s super fast for all my streaming and browsing and music storing needs. I used my ipad Air 2 for 5 years and it still runs fine. If I absolutely need to upgrade in 5 years no big deal. I’ll be buying the new 2025 ipad while those with the pro will be much more reluctant to get themselves a new pad after spending nearly a grand on it and will be stuck with their old device. So in reality buying the “budget iPad” is much more future proof due to the low risk price

  3. In Australia that would be like 1250 dollars and I always feel unlucky but then I realise that we just get more money so everything costs more well it doesn’t work like that I don’t know how to explain

  4. Apple should pay you because I convince my parents to buy me the pro and they said yes!

  5. I have no more money to buy iPad pro I bought an iPad 9.7 last 3 months I am happy

  6. Hi this is helpful, when it comes to regular office functions like word, excel, working on PDF’s what can we expect from the above models ?

  7. “ iPad sounds hollow compared to typing on the iPad Pro”

    >talks over the demonstration, making it unnoticeable

  8. I would consider buying the iPad future proofing since 3 years down the road, you can just buy a new iPad with the money you didn't use on the iPad pro. iPad pro is more than twice the amount as iPad.

  9. Why would you compare two devices from such a different price range, no shit ipad pro is better at everything, I don't even know why I watched this videos.

  10. for me who only use ipad for basic study and business operations rather than playing the game, I would say ipad is the best bet, plus a discount on retailers. I would say, not other ipads can beat the ipad 32G for only 250 dollars if you don't play games.

  11. Good review keep it up

  12. It doesnt make any sense. I would like to see objective comparision, but the video is about how cool iPad pro is.

  13. Good until I heard it had no headphone jack

  14. watching on ipad 7/10.2 ipad

  15. Now, Im sad right now, i cant but another one as i bought the 2019 one.

  16. I can’t justify spending more than $400 for an iPad. Sorry. I’m sticking with the cheaper iPad.

  17. tbh most people are probably buying the 2019 iPad to give to their kids

  18. this is so helpful! been debating between the two for a while and had no idea what the differences were! very quick and informative

  19. I recomend the budget, i pay 300 usd and its totaly worth it and get the work done no lag

  20. Wait if your not and artist and only relly going to use it for gaming and YouTube and will kinda use procreate should you get iPad Pro and the stylus for it

  21. This video is not sponsored by Apple

  22. The "basic" iPad can do everything that pro can do just fine.

  23. The reds look the same

  24. this isnt a fair comparison

  25. I have the ipad 7 and it’s not that bad

  26. Your infomercial cadence gets quite tiring.

  27. Can't afford the pro….?

  28. mmm apple 7th gen + Apple Pencil or iPad Pro with no pencil?

  29. I just bought ipad 10.2 7th gen wifi only, but it's quite hard to try to connect it to my dana account cause after i confirmed the connection between my app store or apple id with my dana accout, it always repeats the same process. No success notification but reprocesses the prosedure. I need to buy some aplications for my job, but how to connect the wifi only type with my dana account? Anyone has the same case? Or anyone know how to solve this problem? Please kindly share here. Thank you so much ?

  30. I need a headphone jack

  31. I don't know what to get 🙁 I'm planning on but an iPad on instalment but I don't know which. I really want the iPad pro 3 but its so expensiveeee. anyone help me

  32. thank you for this side by side . i would’ve been disappointed going with the cheaper route..time to save up!

  33. This comparison makes no sense, it's obvious that if you want the best device and you are willing spend that much money on it then get the Pro, while if you are on a budget but still want a good tablet for casual use then get the standard iPad, or even a refurbished 9.7 inch iPad 2018 which isn't much different from the 2019 one besides the smaller display and less Ram

  34. My Nephew Busted his Ipad 7th Gen over his head. so I get a free IPad 😉 Just get a new Digitizer and I’m cool! I can’t imagine the price to fix the IPad Pros Screen holy crap! The seventh gen is amazing if you keep it simple I have a IPad Air 2 and it still runs like a Clock other than being bent lol

  35. You’re cheap: ipad
    You’re not basic: ipad pro

  36. And buy the iPad Pro

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