Here is our comparison between the 2019 Apple iPad Air vs the previous generation iPad Air and the iPad Pro.

More info on the iPad Air 2019:

More info on the iPad Pro:

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  1. Since Apple Products are becoming lighter and thinner, i bet theres gonna be an Ipad as thin as paper: iPad Paper

  2. Ipad air 2019
    NOT 1.2MP

  3. everyone will go for air 3 just add the 120 hz display ?

  4. Can we use the new gen pencil with these ipad air ?

  5. which ipad uses what version of pencil?

  6. Hello 🙂 i want your batman wallpaper!!!!

  7. Great video and thanks for the information. Which one would be best just for drawing purposes?

  8. Can you please suggest me a tablet mainly for writing without lag.

  9. 6:02 iPad Air 2018”

  10. I’ve currently got the iPad Air 2019 n iPhone XS n 8 plus thinking about getting the iPad Pro after I’ve finished my contract but I’m not sure if it’s worth the upgrade from iPad Air 2019 to the iPad Pro as the Air is still a very great quality plus it’s hella fast aswell but I’m a massive apple fan aint tryna change my mind apple forlife ????✊????

  11. Excellent video. Thanks!

  12. Wish you didn’t keep switching which is on the left or right side … so difficult to watch

  13. Being the owner of ipad air 3 knowing the ipad pro would crush the air

  14. You mentioned photographers might be interested in the pro..what’s your thought on illustrators using the Apple Pencil?

  15. Pro is toooooo overkill for a basic user like myself

  16. motherfucker wrong review

  17. I’m an 11 yr old and I am trying to save up for the pro…. starting with $346

  18. The Pro makes scrolling less blurry.

  19. 120hz win :-;

  20. I bought an iPad Pro and took it back and got the new iPad Air, I don't like the iPad Pro design, I prefer bezels. The new iPad Air looks really nice.

  21. I need one of the two for school which one should I get?

  22. All those comparaison is good but let's not FORGET the price here.

    569€ for a brand new Air 3 2019 model.
    Vs 799€ for the iPad Pro.

    It's outrageous when you compare price to performance aspect.

    All iPad Pro plus :
    You'll get better camera, Face id (even though this is not really an advantage for me), and ProMotion.

    The only thing here good is the ProMotion. The rest is almost useless for average users.

  23. The first iPad was $499. That price is like a sweet spot. The iPad Air is the midrange iPad that it was missing from their line up. Anyone who just uses the iPad for web browsing, gaming, some productivity, kind of a laptop replacement get the iPad Air. Is a better buy and you can use the $300 savings and get your iPad a case and the first gen Apple Pencil. This iPad Air has the same current gen processor found in the iPhone XS line up and Xr. You will have years of iOS support before it becomes obsolete. The iPad pro is mainly for people who produces content such as, designers, music production, video editing. They say laptop replacement but honestly if your requirements are fulfilled by an iPad then any iPad could be a laptop replacement even the Air itself The extra power and the better screen makes world of a difference. The iPad Pro is surely nicer looking and has extra nice features but honestly you would be much happier buying the Air and knowing how much you are saving . Hope this helps anyone being on the fence

  24. I'm in university right now and am keen to get an iPad but tossed between the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air 2019. Can you do a video on the best iPad for university / college?

  25. Good video. Both are good but that $800 for 64GB is still killing me. If it was 128GB for $800 it would be better

  26. iPad Pro 10.5 is better and cheaper than the new air 3.

  27. Damn bro i was like wtf dude iPad Air '18?? what is this dude talking about… dislike

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