The Apple Watch Series 5 is a very nice fitness tracker for many fitness activities, swimming included. Most of us don’t think about the fact that before going in the water to swim we need to turn some things on for the device to protect itself. Hope you find this video Helpful.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. I have found zero information on how the Apple watch actually ejects the water. How does it do this?

  2. Had to slow down the video in order to undwestand

  3. Thanks for your video, been swimming and wondering how to turn on tracking myself. It does have a sensor and water locks itself. Also, asks to start tracking but after about 15 minutes of water time. Ready for today’s swim thanks for the tips!

  4. Thank you. Very useful for a new year.

  5. I used to be a competitive swimmer and love to swim with butterfly style. Can this watch take that kind of pressure?

  6. can it go in the ocean?

  7. Thank you so much

  8. Hi this was great help thanks a lot.
    I just wanted to ask do you have any idea if it can show your HR in real time whilst you’re swimming ? And if so do you think it’s quite accurate?

  9. When water lock is activated you only need to press crown and side button at the same time to pause workout. Much easier and doesn’t affect time as much.

  10. Change your name bud

  11. i can actually shower with it on?

  12. Great video, thank you! 🙂

  13. "POLAR H10 vs APPLE WATCH SERIES 5" calorie sensitivity ??‍♂️??‍♂️⛹️‍♂️?‍♂️?

  14. Hi mate does the series 5 Apple Watch have an altimeter to give you your depth underwater ? cheers

  15. Just press the two buttons to pause/stop/resume. This is easier and more accurate.

  16. should you put the fitness thing on before the water lock> or vice versa?

  17. You actually don't even have to set the apple watch in water lock mode manually. It does this automatically when it recognizes you're swimming, I do it every week.

  18. Great video, subbed but PLEASE talk slower

  19. Another thing to know is that when swimming in water, it's a good idea to wash off the chlorine/salt/other stuff from your watch with tap water. salt can corrode the metals.

  20. I have the series 5 and did this, but i feel like my audio is kinda weird now.

  21. I did this and water still got in. But I had the series 2 so yeah is maybe just old

  22. Curious – do you carry an Android and an iPhone?

  23. That's nice watch…great review…

  24. Could you maybe to a water test on the fossil Carlyle?(gen 5)

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