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Summer might be almost over, but we’ve done the work to make laptop buying easy so you can enjoy that last bit of it.

Buy Acer Aspire 5
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Buy Acer Nitro 5
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Buy Surface Laptop 2
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  1. Watching this on a nitro 5, as a professional lmao. Living in a 3rd world country, this is as far as my salary bracket can afford at the moment, our family's net worth won't allow me to get one of these when I was a student, so yeah. I got the i5 9th gen 1650 variant. Upgraded to 32 gigs ram and it's been a blast so far. The 1650 isn't a card that sets records, but it gets the job done, for my gaming, video editing and 3D render needs. I'm in the arts and graphics industry and the only thing I'd like improved is the color accuracy. If you're in a similar industry as me and got a bit more money to spare, probably look elsewhere, but if your eyes are molded by poverty and you trust your sixth sense to color correct your work then it's a device I strongly recommend.

  2. Hello, great video! i had a few questions….what about the surface laptop 3, do you suggest it? how dose it compeer to the dell XPS from your video or the macbook pro?

  3. I don't know how people handle these small SSDs. Just my bare bones windows machine load out with a couple games, open office, and a CAD program runs about 220 GB.

  4. As a student, I purchased my device with the focus on CPU and Ram specs, Upgradeability, warranty and most important of all, the battery capacity. As a student, you will be moving back and forth between lessons (sometimes have long sessions) and a battery life of 5-6 hours and over should be a standard in these Back to School laptops. Now, you could just say that you can bring around your charger with you, but let us be honest, can you be bothered with the hassle of charging your device at every turn? That's why I'd be mostly against gaming laptops for the school environment, unless you find something that can handle battery life well (E.g. Gigabyte Aero 15), or you just generally need that performance for your studies (like CAD work, etc) and gaming needs and you are absolutely ready with the consequences of carrying a brick to your classroom.

    Then again, who am I to criticise.

  5. this the best boring video ever!

  6. Well, no Acer aspire 5 for me, here it costs 173% more

  7. I got an HP netbook of some sort, put an ssd and some more ram in it. It runs great!

  8. I know they say don't get married to a specific brand, but currently I am, the HP Pavilion 15 range, specifically the 15s-du1031tx. Which comes with 10th get i7, 16gb ddr4, mx250, and 500gb nvme m.2 ssd for only $1,104 aud

  9. Let's play a game of bird poo or lotion. I vote bird poo!

  10. Is it really worth paying extra for the 4k display?

  11. I have a gaming laptop for school but people say its too weak????

  12. Radeon? That's a graphics card

  13. yeah alright. good video

  14. Thank you Anthony for recommending a used Thinkpad. Really is the best option for a cheap but great laptop. Easily repairable and built to last.

  15. 4:40 is it just me or the bottom of the laptop not fully intact with the body ? Or maybe it's just already have been opened ?

  16. It’s about 1500 off sale but I picked it up for 1300 on sale at Best Buy the ASUS Q547fd.
    It has a 1tbssd
    4K touch screen display.
    2-in-1 display for notes.
    16gb ram
    10th gen i7 processor
    And a 1050 does decent at medium settings 1080p about 40-50 fps in most games.

  17. Did anybody happen to know what song it is in the outro of this video?

  18. These guys are super relaxed! I'd love to see more features by them and less by Linus.

  19. I have a Surface Go and the most basic iPad. My main uses are Note Taking, Presentations, some Excel work , Spotify, Amazon Prime/ Netflix, Lots of browsing. I am thinking of buying the MacBook Pro 13 2020 model . Should I sell my Surface Go or keep it? I'm keeping the iPad though.

  20. i watched this a bunch of times and now just realized, they at the beginning said always get a laptop that is upgradable. bro what is a surface product doing here lol.

  21. The great thing about the aspire 5 is if you don't need the processing power you can easily upgrade the $310 model to the same specs as the $500 model for $50. You'll lose a port or two and fingerprint reader but all else is the same. And you'll have 128gigs more storage if you add a 256gig ssd like I did. You can play games on it. Gotta lower the res and settings but many games are playable in a better then nothing sort of way. All for $360. Great value for what you get with the upgrades.

  22. Bradley's on the microphone with Ras MG

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