iPad shopping can be a bit of a headache with all the current options you have from Apple. In this video compare the sub $400 2019 iPad 10.2″ and the 2019 iPad mini 5 in order to help you decide which is right for you! In this video I go over build quality and design, display quality and size, speaker quality, battery life, camera and overall software performance.

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  1. Ipad mini have 7migapixel selfie camera ??

  2. Is the A12 really THAT important? I love both a bigger ipad seems more enjoyable for me. But if the a12 is that much of a great difference, i'll stick with the mini5

  3. I wish the 7 gen ipad had a better processor like the a11x atleast

  4. Overall this helped me decide, but I found it very interesting that you didn't mention the task of reading books, or if you did, it was not much of a comparison. I have never had an apple product, so your video helped me, but the reason I am looking at one is for reading. Also, as an older person, it would have helped me if you had slowed down. You gave a lot of great information. Thank you.

  5. Touch id 2nd gen suck, 3 out of 10 success rate

  6. If the 2019 ipad had like a a12 fusion chip I would probably get it over the mini

  7. I don’t need the A12 Bionic processor in my case – after I bought my iPad 10.2 a week ago and when me and my dad checked it’s IMEI to see if it’s fake for safety, we found out that not only that it’s not fake, it’s mistakenly made with an A11bionic processor???????????????????????

  8. Hi noah any news on ipad mini 6??

  9. I think the iPad mini is just too small

  10. From what I understand, the Only difference is between choosing display size over power for the 10.2 over the mini and vice versa

  11. I have note 9, and I'm thinking to buy ipad previously i would like to buy ipad mini ? but now after i compare it directly with my note 9 in the store, damn! Screen size quite similar. moreover ipad 10 inch is so big :3. If I buy mini, will it become overlapping with my note 9? Speaking about note taking, pdf reading etc? ?

    Man it is so hard to choose ?

  12. i would buy that ipad mini 5 from you for 300 bucks, i would send the money first on PayPal or btc

  13. I would say, go for the iPad Mini. But due to weird pricing in my country I’m even better off buying an iPad Air 3.

  14. watches on ipad mini 2

  15. While the mini may have a better chip and display and it has True Tone and a laminated display, I’m a big screen person so I would still choose the 7th generation iPad.

  16. Nice ipad nice.. but no money to buy such gadget bruh xD

  17. Drawing on IPad Mini 5 with Apple Pencil, comfortable?, Or 10.2 better?

  18. Like imma be walking around with an iPad mini in my pocket lmao

  19. What is your background

  20. Which is the best for WORK

    the mini 5 doesn't have keyboard

  21. i confused because will buy ipad 2019 or ipad mini 5, now i chose the mini…

    big thanks to you brother! ???

  22. What is better for fortine? Ipad 5 mini or Ipad 2019 7th ?

  23. If you don’t mind the size mini 5 100%

  24. hey i just buy the new ipad mini 5 and the screen looks little purple at black condition, anyone can explain? is it only my feeling that i get the defect screen or the product is indeed so

  25. I'm loving my iPad mini.

  26. If the iPad7th gen only had the 12 fusion ☺

  27. Guys what u think is ipad 7 gen good for gaming answer people who got ipad 7 gen

  28. Battery Life which one is Best? Mini 5 or 10.2 ? Pls suggest!!! 🙂 Am watching Your All videos ? i just Loved your videos ,you already said Battery Life in your video parts 😉 ,but again am asking for clarification :p 😀

  29. Love my ipad mini 5 the form factor for me is perfect

  30. I have this ipad just buy 2 days ago, but i feel the olephoabic is not function in the screen, it is like that or i just received a defect product?

  31. I’m watching this on an iPad mini 5

  32. What should i get for pubg? I have mid to big hands

  33. AnyOne Can Give me iPad Mini 5, We Are Poor People..But,My Dream I Buy,iPad_But,I have No Money,So,Any Rich PeoPle Please Help Me_Becuse,i love PUBGM Game_So,AnyOne Help Me?

  34. Thank you
    I thinking buy iPad mini 5 is okay for me cuz I like both digital art and games well…
    (my iPad is gen 2nd and it been years 7-8 I used, also some keep crash while I work digital art)

  35. I just bought the iPad mini 5 and it’s op

  36. my smartphone has 403ppi if i purchase mini 5 would i be satisfied or i can clearly notice the pixels that is not a good experience you know. please suggest somebody.(?my bad English)

  37. ah fuck this. I really want to have the A12 chip yet I will mostly use it for school work. taking notes in class etc. the ipad air is just too expensive. what a dilemma. guess ima go with the bigger one. thanks for making this video, helped me a lot!

  38. Beautifully edited. I was kinda shocked when the video ended and I was like what? when did 10 minutes pass by?

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  40. This so much confusing
    I want a tablet for gaming. But iam confused
    Mini 5 have better processor
    7th gen have bigger size
    I now that processor is important for me but iam fed up with 8 inch tablets as i have already used two tablets with 8inch screen

  41. I’m watching This on my IPad 6th generation and I’m 11 years old and I want the IPad mini 5 because it’s small my hands won’t be tired overtime and it can hold up to 64GB As an IPad that is 7.9 inches

  42. I really want to gear iPad so I can create digital art but I also want to play games such as COD. From what I can tell I think you’re recommending the iPad mini 5 for this but can you clarify pls. Also I’ve never actually had an iPad so I’ve been curious as to if it comes with an Apple Pencil or not

  43. iPad mini 5 = A12 bionic chip 64 gb,
    iPad 7th generation = A10 fusion chip 32 gb, iPad mini 5 > iPad 7th generation ??

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