iPad 7th Gen 10.2″ –
Apple Pencil (1st Gen) –
Smart Keyboard for iPad 7th Gen –

iPad Pro –
Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) –
Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro –

When the iPad 7th generation went on sale for just $250, I figured I would try it out and see how it compares to my iPad Pro as my primary notetaking device for college. These are my…

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  1. Very informative video.
    Thank you so much Paul 🙂

  2. Excellent review. I have a 5th gen iPad, and the main reason I would have upgraded to an iPad Pro was the note taking capability. But with the 10.2, that pretty much resolves that issue, and at the current prices, it is almost a “no brainer” for me. Thanks?

  3. Here’s a tip if u want something powerful but can’t afford an iPad Pro and u don’t want the 7th gen then the air 3 because it’s between them both

  4. Love u from India ??❤️??……..

  5. The gen is a cheaper alternative for the poor cant understand the haters there is a reason one is called gen (general) the other pro (professional). Apple is trying to please everyone but you cant expect cutting edge tech at low price. The 7th gen I think is giving you the most it can for the lowest cost possible. Its great for casual users if you are casual then no need for pro if it's not to show off.

  6. Great review, watching you from Spain! Best wishes man

  7. thanks for the sincere review !

  8. Hello i live ur videos and i was wondering if u could look into to see a cheap ipad pro for my brithday on amazon or best buy thanks

  9. I truly appreciate this video. I just purchased the iPad 7th generation this morning and was curious between this model and the Pro. I needed something that got straight to the point with facts and the necessary differences. Thank you so much for this video.

  10. But brother.rhis product is not available in India at this price

  11. Do you use matte scree protector in your iPad or iPad pro?

  12. What GB did you get?

  13. “Please excuse my lip for this video”

    Me: Suddenly notices and cant stop looking

  14. u forgot that the iPad pro will bend easily

  15. I have both the 2019 iPad 7th gen. And the iPad Pro 11” and while the iPad bro is the better iPad in ever way i still like the build quality on the iPad 7 better. I don’t put cases on my iPads i use them as is with the Smart Keyboard on both and on the iPad 7 i also have the Smart Cover to protect it. The reason i like the build on the 7 over the pro is cause i like that its thicker and it just feels sturdier. The pro being so thin i have to baby it more because I’m afraid that it will bend and i don’t feel like that with the iPad 7.
    I wish the Pro was a little thicker i really don’t see the point on making it thinner. The iPad Air 3 is thin enough and i think that’s how thin the 2018 pros should have been.

  16. Really good and informative video. I'm old, so not really interested in the Pro models. I'm getting the iPad 10.2 as I really like it, and that would meet my needs a little bit better. Am getting the Logitech pen with it, and Boriyuan keyboard. I cut costs, but when your on disability (SSDI), you learn real quick how to cut cost and budget. ??

  17. I’m basically ok with iPad 2019 7th gen. I just needed it for art.

  18. This review was exactly what I was looking for in order to make my decision. Thanks for such a thorough review!

  19. Scared….Made In China

  20. Your video gives the best comparison of the two so far… enjoyed watching it although I’ve already got one lol

  21. Hola , una consulta por ejemplo bajo un archivo de .eps "Vectors" si puede pasar a Ilustrador Draw para Ipad Pro 12.9 o no ?

  22. That keyboard is 70% the price of the low budget ipad.

  23. I got it at Best Buy for $250 right now. And also you make the icons smaller on the iPad too ?

  24. oh discrete math lol

  25. I want to get one, but the rumored/overdue refresh is just around the corner.

  26. Very pure video about this devises. Thanks for your work!

  27. My worst iPad was the iPad Air it breaks so easily! DO NOT RECOMMEND

  28. i don't really understand why you're comparing an ipad 2019 with an ipad pro, it goes without saying that the ipad pro will be better as it costs more and includes more features, it's like comparing diamond to silver or gold. they're both good but we all know diamond is way better. if you're on a budget buy the ipad 2019, if you have the money, buy the ipad pro. Both will work and satisfy your needs unless they're high demanding like heavy video editing, professional drawings, etc, or just something that takes up a lot of core/RAM. *Buy only what you can afford*, the iPad pro might have more features but sometimes they're not worth the money, and you're just better off with the budget option.

  29. Who else is watching this on their iPad 7?

  30. can someone tell me whats wrong with taking pictures on your tablet? I dont see the problem with it its yours you paid your money.

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