2019 iPad 7th Generation (10.2”) – Unboxing & Review! | 2019 iPad 7 Review – Why NOT to Buy!

Apple just released a new 2019 iPad and basically the only difference from the 2018 model, is the slightly larger 10.2″ display.

So, in this video, we unbox and review the 2019 iPad. I also compare it to the iPad Mini 5 and 2019 iPad Air 4 to determine whether or not you should consider purchasing the 2019 iPad.

2019 iPad Mini 5 vs 2019 iPad Air – Why I Returned the Air:…

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  1. What iPad do you have? And are you planning on upgrading soon?

  2. damn what a fucking crybaby

  3. Do you even realise that many people are not able to afford it and you should be grateful that you are able to afford it

  4. I recently went from and Ipad mini 1st gen to an Ipad 6th gen. Huge upgrade but for some reason the Ipad isn't turning on

  5. I’m going to upgrade today and mine has lasted 5 years

  6. A pompous and entitled prick.

  7. Not necessarily does everyone think like him. At least I don’t. See, not everybody is in need of a 1,000 iPad Pro. For that price I will rather get a Mac book. I currently own this iPad and I honestly don’t think ANY iPad is worth 1,000 but hey for the people who want to splurge out on something that senseless is always of course their decision. I am very happy with my iPad 7th generation.

  8. I’m gonna get this one cus it’s bigger, newer, and only $300

  9. Actually it comes with iPad OS not iOS

  10. Thought about getting an Apple product for the first time purely for drawing with Procreate. Looking deeper into the iPad 7 and Apples stance on the right to repair turned me right off. This update from 6 to 7 seems to serve no purpose other than having a new model for people to "upgrade" to.

  11. 3:57 why would it support apple pencil 2 if it has no way to charge the pencil??

  12. For the money, the iPad 7th gen is an awesome tablet. You can pick it up for under $300 year-round. Ever since iPads went to 64bit the longevity has increased and I see this tablet having at least 5 years of support. 99% of people that buy tablets are novice users and the Pro is really overpriced for most users even advanced users.

  13. RAM went from 2gb in 2018 to 3gb in 2019.

  14. it has 3gb of ram instead of 2gb

  15. ok you didn't have to say "ugly" 5 million times it was really unnecessary

  16. I own one of them

  17. The only thing I like about apple is the iPad

  18. Fuck off dude ??

  19. Reads the description after getting the 7th gen iPad

    I have no regrets!

  20. TBH, this video should've been more about the iPad itself, not the iPad Mini and Air. You just were like "tHiS iPaD sUcKs, BuY tHe MiNI aNd AiR". I've been using the 6th gen and it's pretty good, and with this iPad having an iPad Air body and keyboard support, that's a good iPad. Stop acting like everyone can buy a $800+ iPad Pro.

  21. Lol. I just got this for 250 from Best Buy. I love it.

  22. Screw you ok you literally made this vid to hate on this iPad like get a life

  23. Thanks for bashing to this ipad 7..

  24. Please read your viewers comments.

  25. You can't see the bezels if you bought the gray one tho it's either that or I need glasses

  26. God, could you be anymore negative?! I honestly found you kinda rude. I’ve never been able to have an iPad, being someone on a BUDGET this is the one I can afford. I’m happy apple has released this “cheap” version.

  27. This is insane how some tech people try to convince us to buy expensive devices. Some people still use iPhone SE or old iPads and they’re good. 90% users dont need iPad for professional use. I spent my Money on other things like clothes and travels. This is crazy.

  28. never trust the opinion of someone with reddit app installed ,dud sounds like a woman complaining

  29. Bruh shut tf up, I have the 7th gen and it’s nothing like the shit you say, unsubbed immediately

  30. Fucking hater intel

  31. Omg why don't you buy the black screen then? So you wont see the bazzles? -,-

  32. Watching this on my iPad 7th gen LOL it’s not as bad as he says it is…

  33. Brandon butch? More like brandon bitch. Stop bitching about it and put a fucking tampon in. This is an ENTRY LEVEL product. I went from using a fucking iPad 1 for nearly ten years, limping along, until it finally stopped charging and turning on. This is leaps and bounds for me.

  34. Like this guy bought the iPad just to say how bad it is even though it’s good and cheap.

  35. I just leased the ipad 7th generation from sprint. I don’t like how it doesn’t come with Microsoft word and with the apple word document the cursor doesn’t want to go where I want it to most of the time which is very frustrating when I need to go back and correct something. I like having the 32?gb but I fear it won’t last long before it’s used up. I need this for my manuscripts, website and school. Another thing I don’t like is on the bottom of the screen I can no longer bring up the brightness controls screen lock volume etc. like I could before with my iPad Air 12 gb. I’m debating on exchanging it for the ipad mini you were talking about . What do you think?

  36. Wow dude sorry but you are just comparing the whole time.

  37. If i want a budget ipad it is ok?

  38. Bro fuck off I think this is an amazing iPad you can use for drawing, games, and notes..?.?.?!.?.!.?.?. Like dude…

  39. The anger is strong in this one ?

  40. Bro u Googled the 9.7 iPad ? it’s the 10.2 iPad and YES it did make a difference FYI

  41. Terrible review, this man just hated on the best entry-level tablet out there. Seemed more like a comparison than a review ..

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