Apple last week surprised us with a brand new iPad in the iPad Air family and a new iPad mini 5, both of which are outfitted with Apple’s latest chip technology.

Both the iPad mini 5 and the iPad Air 3 began shipping out to customers, and, as of today, are available in stores. We picked up both tablets to give MacRumors readers a look at Apple’s new middle-tier iPads.

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  1. I love the iPad mini very travel friendly

  2. I ?my iPad mini 2019

  3. I like that there is basically an iPad for everyone. Need the basics and don’t care too much about what is in your iPad? Get the 6th gen. Need a compact but powerful iPad? Get the Mini 5. Need a bigger iPad that isn’t the Pro but also has some pretty good features? Get the Air.

  4. A12 was in the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. The A12 X was on the 2018 iPad Pro. They wouldn’t make the mid range iPad as powerful as the high end one.

  5. I'm torn between buying the Air 3 or Mini 5. I want a bigger screen for watching series, movies and other videos but I also would wanna bring it with me anywhere. What should I choose? Helppp

  6. WRONG! You compared an iPad Air 3 to an iPad Air 1st gen. The Air 2 didn’t have a mute switch.

  7. Looking for a student who has experience with iPad for taking notes. Do you suggest Mini or Air as more useful and school friendly? I am tired of paper.

  8. 1 Question. Do Air & Mini have same loudness speaker?

    Or Air3 louder?

    Thank you.

  9. 2:30 löl that Logitech mouse can't pair with iOS XD

  10. Can you check if you see a badge on Netflix called Dolby Vision or Vision? For the iPad Mini 5

  11. iPad air 3 or iPad best for students

  12. How much free space did we get with iPad air 64 GB ?

  13. Wich one is the best for students?

  14. Wich one is the best overall? I’m in a doubt wich one im going to buy

  15. I'm going to get an iPad just for drawing comic and illustration, from start to finished pages, not just sketching (Apple Pencil + Procreate). I usually use Artisul D13 and PC combo… but recently I need to be more mobile. Which one should I get? iPad 2018 or iPad Mini 2019? iPad Air 2019 and any Pro line is way over budget for me.

  16. Another iPad Mini review that totally misses the device's UNIQUE feature… the one and only thing that the iPad Mini can do and all the others – be they iPads of other sizes or Androids – cannot do.

  17. Love that soundtrack. What is it?

  18. Maybe you guys can do an article on this ? Might wake up the lte provider

  19. I was under the impression that since , working people couldn’t be convinced to buy the new iPhone , this was the iPhone replacement ! Till I found out tablet and lte provider aren’t really on speaking term with tablet ! Oh they ll offer the useless stuff but unlimited is either only for the berny sanders out there , or too expensive to use ! I don’t talk about buying , I always buy cash , and use prepaid setvice but I asked att ? And they were politely trying to nudge me to a dam IPhone XR ! I got an iPhone lol ! iPhone de 2017 ! If I go in a att store it isn’t to haggle , I know what I want , I want what I got ! Unlimited for 65 $ but on an iPad mini lte 2019

  20. I'm thinking of buying an iPad for studying. I really loved the size of iPad mini tho but I need a bigger screen to use it as a notebook during classes with the help of the Apple pencil. So I'm considering buying the iPad Air 🙂

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