The 2019 iPad Air is the best option for students when compared to the 10.5″ iPad Pro, especially considering the amazing deals for back-to-school season!

The older 10.5″ iPad Pro may seem like a good deal when compared to the new iPad Air, but if you’re a student who’s looking to keep their device for as long as possible, the 2019 iPad Air is the one for you.

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  1. A bit of an unpopular opinion, but what are your thoughts?

  2. Is the ipad os stable enough to update? I am running on ios 12 on my air3

  3. Bro for gaming which one is best? I think Ipad pro 10.5 and can i use this ipad pro 10.5 for more than 5 years??

  4. One more adv of 2017 pro is 4 speakers against 2 in Air 2019

  5. Thank you for this honest review, I was debating whether I should get the older 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 but now I’m definitely going to stick with the newer iPad Air especially since I’m upgrading from the 2011 iPad Air 2 ?

  6. Bro Air has better graphical performance as in ANTUTU BENCHMARK, 3D MARK GRAPHICS,BASEMARK GRAPHIC the iPad Air has more graphical or GPU score than the iPad Pro 10.5… so remember that thanks I suubed

  7. I have the 10.5 ipad pro
    I bought the 256gb with the keyboard case for $280 USD

  8. This guy have been the most honest person I have ever encountered! He deserves millions of subs!

  9. this is totally unrelated to your video but i like your eyes

  10. Bhai video pe khud v kavi bol liya karo

  11. Of all the pros for the iPad Air that you gave, only one, the A12 chip, is a real advantage. All of the other points were simply indicating that the other advantages of the iPad Pro don't really matter. But the biggest advantage to the Air is a combination of its newness and the A12 chip. This will mean that, down the road, the 2019 iPad Air will get OS updates when the 2017 Pro will no longer. I could have bought a refurbished 2017 10.5 iPad Pro for the same price of the new Air, but I chose the Air for the reasons given. I'm not sorry.

  12. I was thinking the same thing. The iPad Air is smarter than most of Apple’s products. Smarter than intel and the previous A-series of chips. I get amazing battery life the Air. Better than even the new MacBook Air.

  13. Woop woop I did it, I bought the iPad Air, honestly promotion I can only notice if I swipe across the homescreen rlly fast

  14. Idk I’m still unsure about getting the iPad Air over the older pro tbh, I found a 256gb Pro 10.5 for only $500 and I think I need 256gb but maybe not

  15. So basically every thing is better on ipad pro except the chip. As far as i am concerned, i just use my ipad for netflix, media, games etc. So for me better screen and quad speakers matter the most and A10x is a really gud chip for these tasks. So pro it is!

  16. HI is your name ramal i didn't know?? Hahaha love u

  17. new video!! ty 🙂

  18. What’s the usb speed of the iPad Air, is it usb 3.0 or 2.0

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