The 2019 iPad Air is an excellent iPad overall, but with iOS 13 coming soon, it may just be the best choice for most people! Here’s why.
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  1. Subscribe for Galaxy Tab S5e vs iPad Air comparison videos soon! Comment with your thoughts on the iPad Air 🙂
    Best deal on the iPad Air ➡

    2018 Budget iPad (only $250 SALE on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Mini ($6 OFF on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Air ($11 OFF) ➡
    2018 iPad Pro ($50 off SALE on Amazon) ➡

  2. From where you got those wallpapers

  3. Ur the one who made me an apple fan from Android fan
    Thanks max tech ??

  4. In India mini to air transition is $150?

  5. No the BIG difference is the display AIR IS LAMINATED AND MINI ISNT!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Max Tech for this video now im good to buy the IPad Air 3!

  7. I got mine for 469, it's a great iPad, get the space gray for sure though so the bezels aren't that noticeable.

  8. Can we connect flash drive

  9. I'm literally replacing a laptop with the iPad air 3, I only need to get the mouse and the apple pencil ?

  10. The Air is better because it will last alot longer than iPad Pro 10.5

  11. Sir best tablet for students please ipad pro 2018;ipad air 2019 tab s5e; tab s4; tab s6; ipad mini 2019 or any other tablet…. Please help

  12. I will just get the original ipad air because it is the only one I can afford.

  13. Which one should I buy, I need an ipad to support my work like opening documents, highlighting phrase, sending file, typing drafts and concepts, reading books, and also typing for my college as I am a magister student. Ipad air or ipad mini..?

  14. What about pro motion? How important is it for taking notes in college?
    Basically any opinions on 2019 Air vs 10.5 Pro?

  15. For me the real thing that swung me towards the Air (which I just ordered today) is the extremely widespread white spot issue with the old 10.5". If you're someone who replaces your device every 1-2 years, it's a non-issue, but if you're like me and consider a tablet to be a large investment, and want a device that'll serve you the next 4-5+ years, then going for something with a common known flaw is a big risk.

    I'd love the quad speakers, better camera, extra GB of RAM, and better GPU, and would have otherwise gone for it, but to me longevity is super important and in the 2019 Air teardown, it looks like they've shielded the area responsible for the white spot. So I decided to suck it up and go for the new model. On the bright side, the CPU is at least a little better, so LumaFusion render times should improve slightly, maybe? Plus it'll be updated for longer.

    If someone is buying the older pro, I'd honestly go for the 12.9" instead if you can find it. When reading about the 10.5" white spot issue, I only found like 1 or 2 people who claimed to have a similar issue with the 12.9", and neither provided pictures to confirm they really did have the same issue.. vs HUNDREDS of reports for the 10.5", and tons of pictures, plus some videos. So I'm thinking unless no-one was buying the 2nd gen 12.9", the issue is less common with it, or maybe doesn't affect it at all.

  16. Got an Apple commercial before this ?

  17. Man, you give too many opinions, please keep your opinions for yourself and just review the damn Ipads

  18. I’m proud that I made right choice by taking iPad Air 3 ?

  19. Is iOS 13 available to iPad Air 3?

    Will it have a Mouse enabled Feature?

  20. Wait, you dont have the ipad os beta?

  21. I’m glade because i understand you get more with the pro . But I can’t bring my 500 dollars for a used item iPad or not . I’ve been looking at the air due to the whole promotion and the speakers but a 1,000 dollars for a student iPad and recreational use still is over kill

  22. This motherfucker said ipad air 3 is a bad choice in his previous video n got lots of hate n now this ashole is telling ipad air 3 is good! lng i present u the biggest spineless man alive ??

  23. Does the mouse mouse function work with this model?

  24. IPad 2018 is it worth in 2019

  25. When is it released?

  26. Not hater or troll but calm with the presenter voice mate actually I sound like a robot just constructive criticism I swear

  27. I've seen a YouTube video which shows that iPad air 2019 cannot access the external hard driv e as too much power is necessary, apparently. This is shown to be the case even when an apple camera connect don't has the lightning port plugger into a charger.

  28. What is your thought on the 2018 iPad with iOS 13?

  29. Will apple iPad air 2019 get iOS 13??

  30. Plz sell your iPhone xr

  31. Please make an in depth detailed video of ios13 on Apple Ipad Air 2019.

  32. When will iOS 13 come on ipad pro 2017 10.5 inch pls reply

  33. Just got my iPad Air a week ago and it’s amazing definitely would recommend skip the iPad mini since it’s not that much bigger than my XS max

  34. Link to wallpaper?

  35. You behave like Apple stepped on your toe for making first video…
    Thumb down

  36. Sold my ipad 6th Gen after 3 months of use to get this ipad air 2019. The non laminated screen was unbearable. I'm a medical student and i need anti reflective coating to study in libraries which are filled with these bright lights. Also the extra screen space should allow me to read my textbooks more properly.

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