The 2019 iPad Air (3) has got a spec bump to feature the A12 Chipset and still has the same 10.5 inch Retina display. It’s good but once you’ve used the new iPad Pro’s its hard to go back to something like this. Still makes a great mid range tablet though!

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  1. Does anyone else think that the "Air" models should be the entry level one's? I'm always slightly confused with the different ranges in models, especially as this replaces the older "iPad Pro" – The NEW iPad Pro's though are still the best (and rightly so, they're so expensive) but once you've used one of those, its really tough to go back. Sounds boujee AF but it's the truth!

  2. I play mobile legend on IPad Air It turn off the game ,please teach me

  3. Ipad air REVIEW….pro pro pro pro pro pro pro pro…….WTF…..

  4. I'm about to buy the iPad Air 3 but I can't decide whether to get a silver or space grey one. Help?

  5. I disagree, I used the iPad pro in store and immediately went and got the iPad air 2019 instead. The pro-motion screen, I can't see it so its no use to me. The pencil 2, ok nice but the first gen works exactly the same for what I use it for. 
    When you are paying that price for a tablet, you need to REALLY need that sort of hardware to even consider it. The average person does not remotely need the power the pro has and to add insult to injury the pro cannot even use its own power to its true potential due to iOS being a purely mobile os. Throw on Mac OS, then its a whole different ball game but until that time the iPad pro is STILL a tablet and the iPad air is much much better bang for you buck.

  6. NOT $300 more either.

  7. So nice unboxing and review kuya Karl?

  8. Omg this is hella cool ?

  9. I think your videos deserve a dope intro 😉

  10. Thanks for your reviews

  11. Thanks for your reviews

  12. Thanks for your reviews

  13. Thanks for your reviews

  14. Thanks for your reviews

  15. Thanks for your reviews

  16. I love you videos omg

  17. I love you videos omg

  18. I love you videos omg

  19. I love you videos omg

  20. I love you videos omg

  21. I don’t want Apple to switch to USBc because I have a bunch of lighting connectors and I spent so much money on them so usbc would make my lighting ports useless

  22. This is not a review, it's a comparison with a model that cost 300 more.


  24. I can only imagine if one day the giveaways i won one device.

    all the way from the philippines


  26. I got my iPad Air today and it’s amazing if you never used or never had pro motion etc. you can’t notice it missing and it even has advantages like the flat camera

  27. wow the disign on that Ipad pro is amazing

  28. this isnt a review but just saying that the air isnt the pro

    the only review like content is just saying wht the processor is and wht pencil it uses.

  29. Do you think they will keep updating the ipad or think they will just settle with this and just keep doing slight upgrades to internals or do you think they are going to make the ipad use osx ?

  30. when is iPad 7th gen is coming pls reply✌

  31. Get the ipad 10.5 pro end of conversation

  32. for me the ipad air is unexpected li cool ???

  33. Hoping to win this in the giveaway ?

  34. Who of the iPad Pro user go back to iPad Air?

  35. Just right for students ?

  36. looks good to me tho

  37. i'd like to win this in the giveaway <3

  38. Cool video and ps: everybody likes iPad?

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