The 2019 iPad Air is a great overall iPad for the price, but is the 2017 10.5″ iPad Pro an even better value now that you can get it for the same price brand new, or for only $399 refurbished?
I think this iPad is the better value (Amazon) ➡

2017 iPad Pro (only $548 NEW on Amazon) ➡
2019 iPad Air (Amazon) ➡

2017 iPad Pro ONLY $398!! (Amazon) ➡
2017 256GB iPad Pro ONLY $449!! (Amazon) ➡…

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    I think this iPad is the better value (Amazon) ➡

    2017 iPad Pro (only $548 NEW on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Air (Amazon) ➡

    2017 iPad Pro ONLY $398!! (Amazon) ➡
    2017 256GB iPad Pro ONLY $449!! (Amazon) ➡

    2018 Budget iPad ONLY $249 NEW (Amazon) ➡

  2. I decided to buy an Air 3 after carefully considering the risk of having lightspots on iPad Pro 10.5.

  3. Ho s the piano Guy from 2:00?

  4. can someone send the music video for soundcomparation

  5. Difference between Antutu and geekbench metal

  6. I am a student. I know that the ipad pro is better in every way . but I have fear with the light spot issue. so what should i choose? Please help me !!!!!

  7. I get a used ipad pro 10.5 256 cellular for 535$

  8. No need headphones, got my ipad pro with stereo

  9. Which one should I buy, pliss tell me❤

  10. Is it ok to buy iPad from amazon? Or should I get from Apple sitev

  11. I have iPad Air 10.5 inch it’s better than the old iPad Pro 10.5 inch

  12. For gaming air is better as it scored much better in GPU performance in Antutu

  13. It is called Pro motion. Doesn't that mean it is only for the pro?? I am not sure BTW

  14. Promotion is worth keeping plus quadro speakers over an millisecond of speed from the updated processor in the Air! 2017 Pro with ease. Promotion is easier on the eyes and less frustrating. So I agree as I have had both pads.

  15. The pro is a better product for a cheaper price. This is a no brainier. Imjs

  16. Resale value tho if you intend to resell it

  17. Exceptional video quality, keep up the great work ?

  18. This is mostly relevant for American market where price for Pro 2017 is very competitive. On other markets the old Pro price is same or sometimes higher that Air 3 and that changes completely the picture – and economics as well.

  19. “Make sure to use headphones”
    What if iam watching this on my ipad pro 10.5"??

  20. thanks for the review, quite what i needed to make a decision. If you wanna be safe, 2019 model is a sure bet, but the 10,5 2017 one, with the right price is still a winner (specially if u want to draw or enjoy media content a lot).

  21. Will the iPad Pro last longer than the iPad Air?

  22. I would prefer longevity, and the A12 will be better than A10X in this regard

  23. Does the pro get ipados?

  24. The iPad text on the back of the Air is smaller

  25. A12 gaming performance is more powerful than A10X?? It’s hard to believe.

  26. I'm still sticking too the IPad Air just because the IPad Pro 2017 is not available in the Phillipines anymore i think, but im still gonna look for the 2017 but still sticking for the IPad Air.

  27. What an awesome comparison! And geez, A10X chip almost doubles my iPhone 7's A10. Now I'm aiming for the pro!

  28. i've made my toughest dicision after watching this video. Thank you!

  29. ayy shoutout for using Haywyre!! he's fucking LIT

  30. thank you so much for this video! it really helped me make my decision. iPad Pro it is!

  31. Apple is offering the new ipad pro 10.5" 256 GB at 450 USD, think i should get it right, compared to the ipad air 2019 256 gb 380 USD

  32. I'm using iPad pro 10.5 rose gold 256gb

  33. 2017 I pad pro is fantastic for the money. I pad air 2019 can’t keep up with the pro. This I pad will blow you away . Once you hold it ,you won’t let it go .

  34. Thanks for your advice, you help me make my choice

  35. The online reason where iPad Pro 10.5 2017 falls behind is the people’s occlusion for augmented reality.

  36. The only thing holding me back from buying the pro is the white spot problem

  37. Which one is best for gaming suggest me as early as possible… Thank u ??

  38. I will buy the air because I want gaming

  39. The pro sounds nice, but most refurbished items are in online shops only, which my brother is EXTREMELY skeptical about it. So I guess I'll go for the Air.

  40. I play games most of the time. And I am thinking to start a new gaming YouTube channel.
    And I am planning to get a iPad pro 10.5 2017 in November,2019…
    Is it enough or should I just go with 2018 pro model?
    But price is important because I am a student. iPad pro 10.5 is cheaper than air or pro 2018… That's why I am confused…
    Can anyone help me?

  41. I did not understand haf what you said but need new iPad and really only us it for YouTube and Facebook and amazon and haven hard time picking wish one better

  42. Well, I’m my opinion IPad Pro 2017 is better for me, tbh any iPad can do what I need mine for, I need it for school.
    But after school I play roblox, take photos (even though it is not sooooo important) , I draw on my IPad, and I do a lot of stuff.
    But I think in conclusion I would take the 2017 IPad Pro, probably going to buy one this week. Thank you!

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