Why I LOVE the 2019 iPad Mini 5 (and Returned the 2019 iPad Air 3) | 2019 iPad Mini vs iPad Air vs iPad Pro Review & Gaming Talk

A couple weeks back, I purchased the new 2019 iPad Air and the 2019 iPad Mini with the purpose of finding an alternate tablet to my massive 12.9″ iPad Pro (2018).

In this video, I discuss the reasons for choosing the iPad Mini 5 over the iPad Air 3 to compliment my iPad Pro. And yes, of course the size will be a major reason to choose the Mini.

iPad Mini 5…

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  1. Do you have either of the 2019 iPads?

  2. Ipad mini 5 is better.!! Its my dream ??

  3. I Ajust can’t justify getting the Pro with its trash LCD screen for the price! Still no OLED is just ridiculous

  4. Which do u think is better for gameing note 9 or ipad 5th gen

  5. Dedicated video for gaming using ipad mini 5 please

  6. iPad mini life for me! Love it!

  7. Wait did he just say ipad mini pro 2:31

  8. I hate myself because i pick a phone instead of a ipad!

  9. I am seeing this on iPad mini 5 but is iPad mini 5 so small ?.I didn’t even realise that

  10. In my case, I sold my iPad mini 5 and bought an ipad air. Those top and bottom bezel on the iPad mini 5 are kinda of intrusive to play video games.

  11. Can u buy me 1 please?

  12. Why didn't you show which one loads PUBG more faster ??

  13. 2019 iPad Mini 5 vs 2019 iPad Air – How I show off my ipad pro !

  14. I just exchanged the 10.2 for the mini … love the smaller size and for bigger work projects I think a MacBook makes more sense

  15. 4:04 ipad pro's screen is enough big no need to take it in front or near your face ?

  16. If you play with 4-6 fingers a bigger screen is better, who the hell uses 2 fingers to play mobile fps these days

  17. Ipad air or ipad mini

  18. Title should be: iPad Air vs. iPad mini which is smaller?

  19. You can pair the Apple Pencil with both

  20. your saying that the bigger ipad is a piece of shit

  21. Title of the video : 2019 ipad mini 5 vs 2019 ipad air 3 – This is why i returned the air
    Video about : Ipad pro 11

  22. How much memory did you get in the iPad mini?

  23. Just said some bullshit

  24. Hi I have a 12.9 ipad pro 2018 1 TB wifi and cell and I have just ordered an ipad mini 64gb wifi and cell, to complement it, mainly for when travelling and reading books in bed, I used to have an old ipad air 32gb wifi and cell which I loved and used for years and years even getting a free replacement from Apple after the battery showed signs of deterioration. Before the air I had a ipad 2 32gb wifi and cell and an ipad 4g 32gb wifi and cell which wasn’t a 4g ipad at all at least not in the UK.

  25. Can I have the mini??

  26. Why buy an iPad pro when it can't even run crysis?

  27. Wait a minute?!?!? You played PUBG in iPad mini?? Really but how??
    I have a iPad mini but when I go to download PUBG it says PUBG is not supportable in your device
    I have a iPad Pro tho
    But you know!! It has a large screen it's hard to play PUBG in iPad Pro
    Please tell me how did you download it??

  28. Misleading title. Your title says iPad mini versus the iPad air yet you’re comparing it with the iPad Pro lol another click bait title.

  29. Just the info I needed. Was looking at iPad 10.9 but specs are garbage mini it is this Christmas using it just for gaming ????

  30. But ipad air has A13 while ipad mini 5 has A12 , so i know ipad mini 5 is better for those do gaming and etc easy on hand.

  31. Change the title to ipad pro not air. what the hell?!

  32. should i wait another year to see if a ipad mini pro will come out because i like the mini and if there is a pro version, than i would cop that any day

  33. I need tablet for school and I think this is the right choice the mini

  34. “Why I return the air”
    All land dwelling organisms: YOU MANIAC!

  35. By far the worst comparison video. Just dosent make any sense

  36. can you gift me the new ipad air3?

  37. wait wait did you just say play fortnite OMG NO im outta here

  38. if we play 6 hours pubg or fortnite in ipad mini 5 what will the battery percentage will be from 100%

  39. Mini 5 vs Air 3
    Keeps pro on side

  40. Because you have ipad pro simple…..

  41. what a convoluted mess this video was.
    A: Make the video about Air and Mini when you have both of them
    B: Dont talk about the pro/mini/air when your title is clearly focused on mostly the pro/mini.
    C: I assume you don't usually make convoluted video's like this often or you wouldn't have 400k subscribers. It was almost like you where saying the ipad air was a bad product when in fact its probably the most sensible ipad for most people, especially those who might do video editing or graphics as a hobby. Who the hell wants a 2017 product with a 2 gen older chip when you can get a newer one that really performs fine and will last longer, have better resale value longer will have a warranty if it breaks and on and on.. Dont get rid of your subject prop before you make the video next time block head. 🙂

  42. No………. NO

    NO ONE plays with the home button on the left side ?

  43. This video is comparing the mini vs the pro.
    Not the air lol

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