Apple’s 2019 iPad Mini is here, but is it worth the extra cash over the 2018 budget iPad? We compare everything!
This is the BEST bang for buck iPad (Amazon) ➡

Buy the 2019 iPad Mini ➡
$249 SALE on 2018 iPad (Amazon) ➡


Physical Differences – 0:38
Display Quality – 1:16
Brightness & Reflectivity – 1:50
Laminated Display – 2:29
Apple Pencil Gap – 3:06
A10 vs A12 Chips – 3:13
Benchmark Comparison -…

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    Which iPad do you think is the best budget iPad for 2019? Comment below!
    This is the BEST bang for buck iPad (Amazon) ➡

    Buy the 2019 iPad Mini ➡
    $249 SALE on 2018 iPad (Amazon) ➡

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  2. After using the mini 2019 retina display, when I look back at the cheaper iPad, the screen looks dim, really reflective, and pixelated

  3. You can't compare those two , each serve a different purpose because of the Size difference

  4. Ipad mini is the best tablet gaming especially if you are playing pubg mobile.

  5. Mini sounds much greater ?

  6. i have both, but the ipad mini is great for reading an e book, love the small factor

  7. Wallpaper please

  8. Pro reviewer! Good job.

    60 fps vs 30 fps
    Better comfort
    ipad mini wins

  9. Like = Ipad mini
    Comment:I pad pro

  10. Finally, I got iPad mini to fit my lifestyle. Lightweight for carrying, youtube Watching, playing game, ebook reading and web browsing, ???

  11. how was photo editing on ipad 6th gen?

  12. Is iPad black 6th generation?

  13. Is this iPad 6th generation??

  14. For movies and YouTube what one

  15. I already have ipad 9.7 so mini 5 looks best gaming for me

  16. iPad mini 4 when he meant to say iPad mini 5 3:15

  17. Clasic face ipad mini 2019? y no full screen for 2019 or 2020

  18. The mini makes a good smart phone replacement if you’re on a budget, saves me tons. Use a trac for emergencies

  19. The mini seems to be sinking in its bezels….?

  20. Can you create and edit your documents through MS Office apps with these 2 devices without the Office 365 subscription?

  21. Getting the 329$ iPad, much more recomended, it’s like having a bigger iPhone 8 Plus for cheaper.

  22. Whats best for pubg?

  23. Ipad 6 is still working so well like iphone 8

  24. What matters the most is

    Your parents buying one for you ?

  25. I will go for ipad mini 2019.

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