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Comparing the 2019 iPad Mini 5 to the iPad 9.7 2018!

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  1. great video mate.. thanks

  2. I am the average consumer and i hate the 9.7 display. The non-laminated display makes it feel super cheap and chunky. the screen and colours in general just feel dull and fuzzy. I regret not getting a different model

  3. Thanks for the help i.love ipad mini 4

  4. Thank you for this 🙂 ipad pro 9.7 is just perfect for note taking.. i have an ipad mini but most of the apps are not compatible 🙁 gotta save for an ipad pro 🙂

  5. I got the year old one and I’m only going to use it for school so idc about camera or storage because I only need it for a website

  6. Thanks for the info! Just what I was looking for.

    One thing though, you complained about the size of the mini being barely bigger than a smartphone.

    However in your example, the two YouTube videos were basically the same size.

    Because of aspect ratio, the 9.7 has letterboxes above and below the video, while the Mini does not due to it's wider ratio. For most modern video content there is little different in the size of displayed videos on both.

  7. Got a gently used iPad mini 5 for 270.

  8. Video resolution of both device show youtube exoerience ….

  9. Which is good for gaming

  10. The mini for its $30 higher price (excluding storage) makes the 9.7 inch iPad nearly obsolete for non apple pencil users

  11. Can't you use a keyboard with the Ipad mini?

  12. Will be getting the iPad 9.7 2018 either this weekend or next week as a birthday present. Been saving for this. Can’t wait. ?

  13. So like idk what to choose between the mini and the 2018 ipad because I am a student and i also draw.Drawing would be really nice with the mini but if i have to take notes it might be crowded and that's my concern.I literally dont know what to buy so please recomend me

    Edit:I have decided to buy the mini at thinking at 2am after watching reviews lol

  14. I wanted to buy Which one should I go for I’m in confusion can u please help me ?

  15. In terms of snappy use.. iPad mini is way ahead and future proof. A12 bionic is gonna last for atleast upcoming 3 years minimum. It's best for gaming. Also drawing feels more natural because of laminated display.

  16. In my country ipad 6 128gb is around 360 usd.. and ipad 5 mini 64 gb is around 450 usd..

    Its little bit tricky to choose which ipad for future buyer like me who use the ipad+pencil for "semi profesional" things..
    I want use the ipad for occasionally drawing, editing, make a document, reading, watching movie, playing some game.. etc..
    And i already have a pc laptop and an android smart phone..

    Ipad 6 128gb is good enough but maybe the perfomance will not good enough in the future..

    Ipad 5 64gb mini performance is decent but have a small screen..

    Ipad air is too expensive for me.. i can build a pc with decent processor and graphic card with the same amount of the money..

  17. Can anyone recommend me between 9.7inch iPad pro (2018) vs iPad mini (2019) ?

    I'll be doing media consumption through Youtube tutorials, Udemy courses, Codecademy, Netflix, Amazon kindle book, Social media (facebook, twitter)

    I won't be doing any creation work. Also I'm not looking to buy a keyboard and pen as I already have a surface pro 6 for that. I need a device which I can hold in my hands for long duration and learn on the go.

  18. iPad 2018 for productivity and iPad mini for entertainment.mini is so small for taking notes you will get so disappointed for some reason because I checked mini just now

  19. Mr beast give 10000 dollor

  20. @iDB hey i wanted to know which one is better for digital art ,i have never used an ipad before and i am on a tight budget so i think i won't notice the non laminated display that much on the cheaper ipad 6 gen ….heck i haven't even used an apple pencil before…please tell me im confused

  21. You are so cute.

  22. Thank you for comparing these two !

  23. Ipad mini got better processor, laminated display, more storage and feel better in hands. Lol stop with your bs brah

  24. THANK YOU THANK YOU! This is exactly what I want to know, I am thinking of the Mini to use as a Kindle or Kobo eReader, and couldn’t decide. This is the best MIni review of all of them, great job.

  25. what’s the app your using at 2:20

  26. How is the iPad mini for note taking ?

  27. Nice video keep it up❤️

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