2020 best laptops for graphic designers looking to pick up a laptop that is fit for graphic design work. This video will help graphic designers choose a laptop on any budget ►⏩►⏩ Check specs and pricing in the links below…

2020 Best Laptops for Graphic Designers + Timestamps

Budget Laptops (1:30)
► Acer Swift 5 ( )
► Lenovo Flex 5 ( )
► Dell Inspiron 15 5000 ( )
► Asus Vivobook…

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  1. I feel lenovo yoga c940 & dell xps 13 2in1 are better options than hp x360 spectre.

  2. Hello! I'm going to Uni in August and was wondering what were your opinions on the Microsoft Surface Book 2 for graphic design. I'm studying 'Graphic Design & Multimedia'. Would really appreciate if you could reply

  3. I have Lenovo G50 Laptop with "Intel Core i3 and 4GB of Ram" but Im Having A problem Rendering and editing Loop, Can You Give me a Reccomended Upgrades For This Crappy Laptop? Thank You. ?

  4. Hi Ben. I am graphic designer and start to work professionally soon. I do a lot of logo and corporate design but get into motion design too. I have a rather tight budget but still want to go for the medium ones. I also draw a lot and would need Photoshop to run smoothly. I am thinking about getting the Acer concept d 3..is it better than d5? (because my local store offers monthly payment and I need to take that)

  5. So which ones have touch screens and which are best for drawing with a bit of gaming? Other than the high-end ones that is…

  6. Hi..loved your video… need small help.. 😛
    I need to buy laptop for video editing which support 4k video rendering. also I am a programmer as well as gamer and my budget is 1,388 USD or be precis 100000 INR. Please suggest and also let me know about lenovo laptop too.

  7. Could you recommend me a laptop that would be suitable for a digital media design course? Preferably, if it was more suited to be able to process mobile game development, video editing, web design and also some graphic design smoothly. I would prefer a more affordable laptop that's not too bulky and heavy. Thank you??
    And also, wonderful video that had a very in-depth explanation on laptops!

  8. Hey Ben! Thank you for the detailed explanation man! Kudos!

    I am planning on getting a laptop especially for graphic design and 3d designing… I was looking for AMD powered laptops…

    What would be AMD equivalent to i7 H series processors?

    Would love to see your inputs on AMD powered laptops for graphic design laptops bro… Would be quite a lot helpful… Please…

  9. Hello?, could you please help me?
    Is sRGB accuracy and overall matrix quality as well as performance enough for graphic designers in ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT? And in Xiaomi Air 13.3?
    Thank you very much!

  10. Which out of the budget laptops is the best for photo editing and graphic design. I wont be doing any video editing on it.

  11. The budget one prices are high end for me ?

  12. What about asus ROG strix scar 3??

  13. Dope video! The second part was really clear and helpful, thanks man 😉

  14. Thanks for this terrific video! I'm not nearly as technical as I am creative, but I'm very interested in the Gigabyte Aero. That said — Amazon sells a million different versions. I use the Adobe programs for design, but I'm interested in exploring video editing. Which model would you suggest? Thank you!

  15. This guy is selling an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51-78NP for $660. Is that a good deal?

  16. Can u please help me! I am stuck between HP spectre x360(2020 about to release) & Dell xps 15 7590. I want to buy a laptop not only for photoshop but also to have potential for video editing or motions. Other than the fact that I love high performing laptops one significant thing I am looking at is portability and 2in1 convertible so as to be able to draw. I love Hp spectre for its look(like a celebrity actress) and Dell XPS for its reliability/sturdyness(like a wife). Also heard XPS dont have good speakers but I couldnt judge. SO CAN YOU Please HELP me to choose the better. Thankyou SO much for Reading!

  17. In ur opinion
    ConceptD 3 or HP Spectre x360 ?

  18. Thank you for that super informative review. I just have one question… Is it possible to recalibrate a screen so that it can have a higher colour accuracy?

  19. Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED with 1660 ti or this Dell XPS 15 you recommend ?

  20. Hi ben . I m cruise ships photographer ..i need a faster laptop as daily work with lightroom…we get only get 30 minutes editing time per photoshoot of around 100 pictures…so i have xps 15 7590h in my mind to buy ….but stil confused to buy 4k or UHD screen….i what are the battery life on both ? Which one do you consider for me?….please help..

    My website : https://colinphotography.ueniweb.com

  21. these U series processors and H series processor are a big mess these days.
    most of the devices with slim and light profile and good color accuracy are having U series ones. but H series processors are present in nearly every gaming device which are bulky. xps seems to tick both the points but seems so much overpriced.
    concept d is not available here in india.
    its very hard to decide, whether to go for a gaming device which i am not at all going to use for gaming or make a compromise with U series processor

  22. Best Laptops for Graphic Designers in January 2020.?

  23. What about rog strix??

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