Lots of people want to connect their iPad to a projector, here are three ways, HDMI, VGA and Apple TV.

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  1. Can u use Bluetooth audio off the iPad? While connecting hdmi

  2. I have a cable that has one end as an iPad charger and the other end is the HDMI but I don’t have an adaptor and the cable doesn’t work.

  3. Please I’m trying to watch Netflix using my IPhone through projector and using HDMI but doesn’t work. I can watch YouTube, or any tv channel but playing movie on Netflix looks impossible! How I can solve the issue?

  4. I did this and it says “no device” 🙁 does anyone know how to fix this

  5. when I plug it in with the connections it says "no device"

  6. I'm using Prijector it is basically designed for corporate and educational sector.
    Prijector is a cross platform Wireless Presentation Device supports all operation system like Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android ,Windows/Blackberry tablets.

  7. Hi, does the ipad support wireless usb presentation like the pc? So the presenter switch the slide away from the ipad

  8. Very helpful – thanks

  9. I thought the lightning cable also needed to be connected to the adapter to provide power.

  10. Hello, done al that but still get a no signal box displayed on the wall from the projector. nothing from my iPad
    am using an ApemanM7 projector

  11. Help plz, how do I get procreate on. I can get it to work for just a second. Am I using a ad dongle

  12. Can you project netflix and hulu?

  13. Can you connect a Homepod to the apple tv setup without wifi?

  14. would a chromecast stick work

  15. Thanks. Searched for this and didn’t find anything as comprehensive yet simple like the way you did.

  16. my phone connects to my projector but it does not play sound when I try to watch a movie. The sound does work when I play music though

  17. Nice video Richard!
    Do you know if, while using the adapter, is it possible to record the screen using the native resource from IOS?
    Asking this because while mirroring trough the airplay to lonelyscreen (windows), the screen record is disabled.

  18. The projection is the same size as the iPad, can this be changed ?

  19. Could you tell me why doesn’t work,nothing happened when I connect them.

  20. Can I not connect it through USB? I thought there might be an app for that.

  21. Is it normal that my Tv Shows a qr Code when i want to connect it ?

  22. Is this ios 11? I’ve seen reviews in apple site that it suddenly didnt work when they updated in ios 11.

  23. At 0:25 you say you have an HDMI to iPad adapter. That doesn't help at all. Why don't you tell us what the iPad connector is so we can get one. All you say is that it's an "iPad" connector. Is it a USB-C, or Lighting, or what?

  24. 1:04 Of course, you fucking idiot.

  25. Thanks for this information. The VGA adapter did the trick and now my IPAD work flawlessly. Thanks again!!

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