Polymer clay has many uses. Not only is a creative tool to use for kids, but you can make all sorts of stuff for you and your friends around the house to give your surroundings some color. In this video, I show you some cool step-by-step tutorials on how to make anything.
You cut up little strands of polymer clay and then swirl them around each other to make it resemble a knitting pattern. Then, you simply give them all sorts of shapes using…

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  1. App padhti bhi hai ke din bhar yahi banate rahte hai

  2. Heyy!!
    Reading this comment
    Have a great day or night wherever you live and be happy ?✌?

  3. Who will try this ?

  4. click on link see the video of ipl2020

  5. Wow so the first hack isn't even real. That finished earring was nothing like the clay they worked with.

  6. Errr I don’t actually have any polymer clay ?

  7. The first one did not take 5 MiNuTeS

  8. Before I even read the title I was like are they making pasta?!?!

  9. How will we wash the sunflower patterned cup???

  10. This was very good and you know rainbow is my heart

  11. Repeated Hacks… ??????

  12. I can’t even watch these just for fun. I always end up going to sleep. When I need help going to sleep this is what I be watching

  13. 5:06 “Very important document.” Bla bla bla ?

  14. 4:07 how is this in any way, connected to polymer clay? I think I'm missing something here…

  15. Chưa bao giờ thấy 5-Minute Crafts bình luận, ghim, tym hay trả lời ai hết trơn á

  16. Yup! You can randomly find gold leaf in your house despite the fact that you can only afford clay

  17. Hey, build cute homes for cats out of boxes next!


  19. this isstupi is un utiles s a idiot

  20. I really liked the cat one

  21. New video same repeats

  22. repeat towards the end smh

  23. Why is she or he cutting ham with a friking ruler??????

  24. 6:07 how is it used ????❓❓❓❓❓❓
    Do comment ☝☝

  25. The music is soo bad?:(

  26. I love how they made I plug for iPhone yet iPhones do f have those types of headphone jacks anymore. ??‍♀️?

  27. Nice good ?????????????????

  28. Hi 5 minutes crafts

  29. So… What are they making this stuff out of???

    Jsyk I know what they are making it out of. I just wanna be annoying.

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