Hey everyone,

in this video I am showing you the new Apple Watch series 5 that I bought. I am unboxing the watch and set it up for you.

BR Niko

Liam Thomas – No Time
Wiljan & Xandra – Woodlands

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  1. Whats the prize of this watch in india?

  2. الله يبارك

  3. Can u send one to me plz.. as a give awaya rewards

  4. bro whats the price of this watch in dubai ??

  5. Kitne ka Mila aapko online Manga hai

  6. @thedubaiexpat is the best shugran

  7. German ?? Also deutsch

  8. Does it compact wit one plus 6t? Please let me know

  9. I want this i love this apple smart watch

  10. Who went UAE to buruj kalifa ?

  11. If I buy this form US, then ECG work in india ?

  12. What’s size should I get for a 12 year old 40 mm or 44mm

  13. You know you can own multiple bands

  14. I watched this video to see how to reverse engineer the unboxing so I can put the box back together for storage.

  15. Can i have that series 1 you’ve been using for 5 years ? Lol Good unboxing video mate

  16. Great video. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  17. funniest part of the video 6:106:25…..glad he finally realised it and this was from a person who is not a first time apple watch user!!!

  18. It comes with a extra screen?

  19. Wow wtch so expensive myfriend.

  20. raffle that apple watch you opened !!

  21. Hi from Australia ?? I just bought mine exactly the same my first Apple Watch. I bought my wife a Series 3 White Ceramic in which she loves. Cheers ? Ocean ?. I also subscribed to your channel as well, great unboxing and review

  22. Looks exactly like the series 4 ?

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