?Dell G5 – Best Gaming Laptop under 1000 –
?Acer Predator Helios 300 –
?Alienware Gaming AW17R5 – Best Gaming Laptop under 1500 –
?MSI GS65 Stealth –
?Razer Blade 15 – Best Overall Gaming Laptop –

We have just laid out the five best gaming laptops on the market today. In 5th place is the Dell G5587, which is the best laptop under 1000. It features a very…

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  1. Your video could use some music in the back

  2. And if you have 4000$ so you can buy the best gaming laptop called Asus ROG G703 it has intel core i9 and RTX 2080

  3. Lol the best under 1000 is lenovo legion y540 because he has 9th gen intel core i7 and GTX 1650 For just 965$ and you play fortnite with 300fps on lowest setting and on highest you play on 80/100

  4. Umm what about legion y740 ?

  5. i have the acer predator helios 300

  6. You missing ASUS Gaming Republic Laptop


  8. Dude I love razor they are sooo good at gaming

  9. what game is at 10:51 <??

  10. i looked up the first one its 1,120$

  11. No one talking about ASUS Tuf : 16gb ram, 256ssd + 1tb hdd, i5-9300, Gtx 1650, Keyboard RGB, Price : 750$

  12. Best upgradeable gaming laptop under $770. No Acer please.

  13. For my B-Day (November, 2nd) ima ask my mom if I can get a gaming laptop.

  14. I checked a lot of information. I was going to buy Asustek's TfU 2060, but later I found that the running score was lower than g731gu. Can you tell me which gf65 1660ti with MSI is better than ASUS g731gu 1660ti? , bought at Amazon.

  15. the msi gs65 speakers are on the bottom, the holes at the front are for the fans

  16. Strongest gaming laptop of 2019 is asus rog zephyrus s (I don't know full name)


  18. Can you make a list for the best gaming laptops under $600? I'm on a budget and can't get anything over that.

  19. Quit showcasing/reviewing computers, bruh! You're not a good reviewer. ?

  20. Nothing can beat Predator 21X in performance case…


  22. Razor blade razor blade razor blade raaaaaayzoooooor blaaaaaaaayddddddd

  23. I have the Alien ware computer.?

  24. razer blade is so fucking expensive, it aint worth it at all

  25. Why do you call dedicated graphics cards integrated

  26. Don’t waste your time on this video. It didn’t pass 40 seconds and it’s showing a cheap $1000 laptop as one of the best gaming laptops of 2019.

  27. all best gaming laptop decision should only come up when its 1 week before the end of 2019, u posted like 10 months ago, thats early 2019 for god sake. lmfao.

  28. No HDR or 4k display?

  29. if i could afford some of these ?

  30. Dell g5 is literally 1500 dollars lol

  31. I hate the display ..

  32. u forgot that the razor blade 15 can sometimes over heat as well as crash sometimes and that the keyboard are a bit less spaced out it also will get finger print marks causing u to have to go buy a skin for it which cost 40 or more yea it's better overall and am thinking of buying it and also got this information for HONEST reviewers

  33. What? No ROG??

  34. I think that I need dell g5 because I have LG G5 phone

  35. I think the MSI GS36 Stealth Laptop is the best option considering the price. Intel core I7, 6 cores, 16 RAM of DDR4, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphic card, and a solid 144 hz and some nice installed heat sink cooling distribution. Only downside is the small ammount of GB on the SSD 256 and the 1920-1080 resolution. Could have been nice with a 4K but overall it pretty decent especially for the money

  36. I wonder which modern game would pull off stable 240 fps on high settings without grilling this laptop into coal?

  37. The new g5 5590 is a beast. It got a RTX 2060. I baucht it to day. I love it ??

  38. Bro do some research before uploading lol nub

  39. Lots of over heating problems ACER these laptops. Many people having replace the factory thermal paste with hi quality paste. ACER skimped on the thermal paste.

  40. Lots of over heating problems ACER these laptops. Many people having replace the factory thermal paste with hi quality paste. ACER skimped on the thermal paste.

  41. thanks! ive been thinking about getting a better laptop for a while now i might get the razerblade 15

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