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  2. Inear Earphones make my ears hurt, Inear Earphones also are most likely to destroy your cochlea hairs and make you go deaf at high frequencies.

  3. One is because earbuds can fit in your pocket, and headphones can’t

  4. I never got used to headphones, only the airpods, Im also happy with my Beats Solo 3, I even use them to workout, gaming and almost everything, not saying the beats have the best sound but I feel good using them, is PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

  5. Im working in a call center and some agents preferred using earphones than headphones because they have sensitive ears, some headphones cause earache if you use it in a long period of time. But earphones audio quality is bad.

  6. I know it's too late for me to say this, but:

    "Does IEM-like Earbuds same the same attributes as the regular Earbuds?"

  7. I want non-isolated, non-wireless, durable, premium earbuds for $80canadian. Is it possible?

  8. The only one reason I genuinely hate earphones is that they start to hurt after a few hours

  9. decent headphones is expensive.

  10. I love earbuds I have some earbuds right now

  11. Bro plz suggest me a good headphone under 10000 rupees

  12. Watchong the video with headphones on wait dats illegal

  13. You can listen it during class cause air pod or some Bluetooth in ear can't be seen at last bench lol

  14. Imagine using an Headphone on the public

  15. Mom: How much do you love me?
    Me: This much. 2:48
    Me: Uuuhhh I was just joking???

  16. But headphones have better song

  17. Please can someon tell me can i workout with headphones

  18. For me the biggest con for headphones are
    – cushion breaks over time earmuffs or on the headband
    -its too hot in my country
    -it will make you sweat more
    -some headphones squeeze your head

  19. Imo it is more comfortable to have headphones, they can cancel noise around, look better and have better microphones etc.

  20. This is disgusting released 5 reasons to use headphones better than earphones…and now same pros on earphones..
    This is the promotion video for some earphones..

  21. In-ears always suction cup my eardrums and feels super uncomfortable. I’m only comfortable with the Phillips Action Fit earphones or the current Apple Earphones (2018-2019) and how they rest super comfortably in the ear without sucking my brains out from my ear holes.

  22. Why are earbuds disappearing? There are so many more IEMs than earbuds now. I have sensitive ears and IEMs are extremely uncomfortable. After 5 minutes I have to take them out. Why this huge shift in the market?

  23. Earphones are better because your ears won't catch on fire. lol

  24. Look, I don't see how you people manage to kill your earphones in a mere month or even weeks, but every pair of earphones I've used lasted at least a year. Is it really the earphones' fault or your way of handling's?

  25. 2019 just thought I'd do it

  26. Earbuds usually break after 2 weeks though- sad.

  27. Me: buys headphones

    Youtube: "5 reasons earphones are better than headphones. "

  28. reason 1. i have audio technica ATH M50x and they fold in half so they dont take a lot of space
    and they're pretty slim

  29. my ear buds stop working after a month. Which brand lasts longer?

  30. Are you kidding me right now. Earphones are an abomination, these things always get tangled up when you put them in your pocket, always slipping out of your ear even when your simply out for a walk. You can barely hear anything because they barely go in your ear. Their lifespan is like a month or two, i fucking hate these things. This is a joke i assume because you cant justify these useless things

  31. I keep it on freeze mode… jack hates it.
    I heard>>
    I keep it on freeze mode. JACKET ates it. <<
    Take off the jacket bro and turn up the thermostat.

  32. I would definetly agree that in terms of traveling, physical activity, as well as keeping your audio treasures "invisible" (especially when it comes to performing on-stage) in earphones (they are also can be called in-ear speakers and in-earmonitors) are definetely number one choice. And here I am not talking about sound quality because in this case, headphones are the winners.

  33. earbuds destroy hearing tho

  34. I miss headphone jack ?

  35. @1:33-.-What are you talking about?!! Why the Frick would you need to “amplify” anything? Just plug your headphones into your phone like a sensible person!

  36. Earphones: listen with ear
    Headphones: listen with…. head?

  37. These are easy to put in your pocket when you have headphones.

  38. I use both at the same time

  39. I have deformed ears that earphones can’t fit into 🙁

  40. You shoul use remax earphones

  41. I personally like headphones better because when you wear headphones people don't talk to you but with earbuds people are always trying to talk to you

  42. I like earbuds cause I hate having big ass earmuffs on my head

  43. I have the same watch you're wearing ?

  44. Can u do a Bluetooth vs wired

  45. I perfer head phones, but Im not gonna lie its pretty nice to have earbuds when your at school or chilling in your bed listening to music it's pretty conveniant to have earbuds

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