Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 over Fossil generation 5 Carlyle HR!

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  1. I listened to this video and bought Active 2 and it sucks completely… what can I say…. a blogger who sells himself

  2. Fossils look so much better. If i wanted an ugly watch I might as well strap my hand phone on the wrist.

  3. Biased much?
    The water resistance stat interpretations you mentioned are so far out of line it isn't funny as were the battery tests. You also completely failed to mention how seriously flawed Bixpy is and how ugly the Samsung is by comparison. Gen 5 speaker is better too IMHO.

  4. Active 2 is a great watch but the text to speech is horrible. I need google assist on all my devices. When Samsung allows it on there watches I will purchase one.

  5. You haven't given honest reviews and accurate facts of fossil gen 5. You obviously are promoting Samsung Galaxy Active 2

  6. you obviously didnt look up the specs on gen5 you can swim with it. it says it on the box and every other review says you can. also samsung watches are good but you only get full functionality if you are on a samsung phone. if you use another android phone or an iphone you dont get all the perks.

  7. And the reason NOT to buy it? NO GOOGLE PAY!

  8. But will Galaxy Watch play nice with my Vanilla Android phone? How many Samsung apps will I need to install? I don't like Samsung ecosystem.

  9. I had the galaxy 3 watch. Terrible gps and very laggy and slow to connect and sometimes failed.

    Poor he tracking and hr goes to quick then the galaxy did not pick up hr but said clean sensor.

    Seriously lacking apps and still does to this day. Bixby is crap.

    As the screen on the active 2 is on the very edge of the watch and no bezel can see either the glass is more prone to getting broken or scratched.

    The gen 5 is better build quality and a true smart watch just like the apple watch.

    The gen 5 being wear is has 1000s of apps making it a far more useful watch.

    The Samsung is really a fitness watch and all fitness watches are not true smart watches like apple or wear os. As these are have more in common with a smart phone than a fitness watch, so both apple and wear os batteries dont last anywhere as long due to being more like a smart phone on your wrist and lots of apps make the apple and wear os a far more versatile watch and both pay for it in short battery life.

    My bad experinces with the galaxy watch put me right off Samsung watch.

    My gear 3 had useless gps and when I biked and came to a complete stop for 20 or 30 secs would still say I was doing 1 or 2km per hour.

    I found the samsung to limiting as far as apps go.

    With google buying out fitbit and the fossil smartwatch devision then google maybe lining up to produce their own watch and when that happens expect Samsung to dump Tizen.

    There was a rumor samsung was going to make a hybrid watch with physical hands and OLED screen.

    I think this form of watch will be the future and fossil has a brand new hybrid with physical hands and eink techology and battery is claimed at lasting 2 weeks or 10 days with everything on and a much better watch then the samsung.

    I much prefer wear os and is a far more versatile op system and the gen 5 has 8gb of storage whereas the galaxy has far less and tizen almost takes up half of the available storage which really limits the watch.

  10. What's the name of watch face on the active 2? Thanks for great vid

  11. Are you sure you cant swim with the fossil gen 5?

  12. dude, that is not the notification panel!

  13. Build quality of fossil is superior than samsung , right?

  14. Fossil gen 5 has a 310 mah battery

  15. Dude change your watchface for god's sake !

  16. Won't charge on any wireless charger. 3 of mine don't work on it.

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