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  1. I have a Fitbit versa lite and I’m extremely happy with it… and it didn’t cost me $400 +

  2. Reason one you broke

  3. I just bought a versa2, am also a huge apple fan. Wanted a fitness tracker first. My phone is already a distraction. Certainly didn't want all of those distraction on my wrist.

  4. So now that you have an Apple Watch, which one do you consider a better option for an IPhone user?

  5. I'm honestly not a fan of apple products anymore. That's why I bought the versa 2.

  6. I have a versa 2, and I use it in the shower it was just fine ?

  7. I really appreciate this review and your practical approach to the Versa vs the Apple watch, mainly the idea of distractions. I am also an Apple lover, and with their amazing and sleek designs it is hard to not be seduced into getting the latest gadget they release. But I have also used a number of Fitbits, the One, the Alta, the original Versa, and now the Versa 2. I love those also! Maybe one day I'll get on the Apple Watch bandwagon, but right now I'm loving my Versa 2 (hubby bought one also) and cannot quite reconcile paying more than $200 for a tracker/smart watch. Two Versa 2s for the price of one Apple Watch Series 5. Feels like a no-brainer to me. Great job!

  8. It's really funny that with this review video a lot of people decided to go buy the fitbit versa and now she switched to Apple watch again. ??

  9. I feel the exact same way you do. I’m going back and forth on getting iw5 or fv2?

  10. I decided to buy this one too, just so pleasant looking and has all nice features. I only heard bad reviews about Fitbit Versa2 when you want to use Spotify.

  11. Happy Anniversary on the posting of this video!

  12. This is exact,y what i need lol, i am buying it today ?☃️

  13. Hi Sam thanks for your honesty thoughts regarding Apple Watch ⌚️! I just got Apple Watch ⌚️ 3 but seeing this review I am not sure if I want to keep ? I need to try it and see it! I had before Veryfitbit! But it’s been few years and I can’t read the screen it’s bad! Anyway will have to look into the Fitbit
    Thanks again so much!
    Have a wonderful day Sam and thanks for sharing with us

  14. Thank You ??!!!

  15. I bought the Fitbit versa lite. I absolutely LOVE MINE!!! I got it for $99.99 on a sale! Best Christmas gift ever!

  16. Just got the Versa 2 today and its great! Thanks for the video. 🙂

  17. Thanks for the video, there is always pros and cons with all tech. Even though I really like the Versa, I’m more in love for an Apple Watch than a bulky-looking device. Here are my reasons:

    1. The Apple Watch has a better software UI.
    2. It’s more independent than the Versa.
    3. Has built-in GPS.
    4. Nicer, more stylish look than the Versa.
    5. More features than the Versa.
    6. More and better apps in the Apple Watch App Store than the Versa.
    7. Better payment options than the Versa.

    Even though the battery of the Apple Watch is still behind, I don’t really mind charging it all the time. As well for sleep tracking, I can look at my watch what time is it before I go to bed. So whatever time I wake up, I remember what time I slept and how many hours I’ve slept.

  18. I just got the versa 2 I’m so excited to use it. I wanted it mainly to track my sleep, apple doesn’t do that.

  19. Fantastic review. I might buy one now, thanks to your review.

  20. I know it's been like over a year but do you still like it? Fitbit is giving me a deal to get the Versa lite for $95 or the Versa 2 for $150 and I'm torn between the two ?

  21. Just went with Versa , have you worked out yet with it, how was it

  22. Hi Sam! Questions… with the iPhone and the Fitbit versa you can’t quick replay to the messages, right? How do you manage that?

  23. I’m in the market for a new watch. I have the Apple series 1. I love all Apple things but I am getting heavy into fitness to loose weight and feel better so I am looking into the Fitbit Ionic. But the series 5 is appealing too. Any suggestions from those who had both Apple and Fitbit’s?

  24. I have the Apple Watch and love my Versa 2 far better…the battery life and sleep tracking are awesome …. so comfortable all around ….I agree it is great for notifications….just enough notifications but not in your face ……

  25. Apple Watch is so much better by a mile

  26. Just got one last week. I love it! So comfortable and useful. Just wish you could play pandora with the free account.

  27. Too long of a review on one item. Going over one item! But good review.

  28. Thanks for this video! I was debating if I should get an Apple Watch or Fitbit and now I’m thinking about getting the versa

  29. Great review. My Apple Watch just died so I’m getting the Versa 2 next week. Quick question… Is there any kind of calendar feature on the Versa? If so, what did you think?

  30. Scratching my head at you not wanting to use fitbit pay but you use apple pay. They're the exact same thing but ones branded fitbit and ones branded apple. I used fitbit pay for the first time at best buy yesterday and it was way more convenient than pulling out my phone for apple pay or pulling out my wallet and debit card.

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