In this video I show you the best 50 tips and tricks that you must review for your Apple Watch series 5.

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  2. Thank you for making a great video under 30 min! Great overview for me because I’m considering purchasing my first apple watch and had a hard time find something that went over basics (not just updated/differences from previous models).

  3. You are too annoying

  4. I don't understand, when I try pressing with two fingers on my watch, nothing happens, when I use one finger I get the time said out loud. I use the Minnie Mouse clock face and love that you can modify what is on your clock face.

  5. Such a big help! Thank you so much

  6. Thank you so much Jose I just got a Apple Watch for my birthday and is my first time using it so I was lost but no more ???

  7. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my iwatch series 4 perfectly he is legit and affordable ? y

  8. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my boyfriend iwatch perfectly within 45mins he is legit ??

  9. I just got my iwatch series 4 unlocked within 45mins through willsontech7 on IG he is legit ??

  10. It took me a minute to figure out how to turn up and down the damn volume thinking the crown was the option to do it ?

  11. i just tell siri whatever i want. best function ever.

  12. Just ordered mine got the Nike one never had one only my daughter has so thanks for the tips

  13. Will a Apple Watch work without a phone

  14. all i want to know is how to go from an app back to the home screen 🙁

  15. Super helpful. Thank you!!!

  16. What is the point of an apple watch?

  17. Not sure about that two finger touch for speaking the time. Certainly not working on my one at least.

  18. That was good thanks

  19. Ur sound had a lower pitch. I could tell cause of the sounds.they sound deeper

  20. at the most its life time is about 7 years due to updates and support ending. The crystal protection is not strong like sapphire glass. The fact that the corners are also glass is a recipe for easy cracks. That is not a good design change. The cheap design for the glass protection using non uniform mineral structures is a recipe for easy cracking. I had one crack after falling from a trouser pocket height. I was quoted $349 for a replacement as the store told me that the glass could not be repaired. Do yourself a favor. This is not a good value proposition. Get something really professional if you are into sports. It is too expensive for what it can be used for. Just buy a used iwatch 2 od 3, if you want one.

  21. Very informative! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Audio is too muffled.

  23. 15 mins video with no ads! Thumbs up!!

  24. What watch face are you using when you put it in nightstand mode?

  25. Great video keep up the good work. I just got a the 5 and learning how to use it and your Video help me a lot . Thank man !!

  26. ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Maybe I'm dense but I'd like to hear my Nike Running Club commentary over my spotify music any ideas guys? I can
    hear music but it drowns out instructors. Thanks very much for tutorial very helpful indeed.

  28. The microphone you used for your introduction was great but the microphone for the rest of the video is muffled.

  29. Excellent! watched another that was far longer but much more difficult to follow. Brilliant guide -thank you

  30. I felt cheated when i bought the series 4, after i discovered there is no ECG services in my country. I called Apple customer service and they told me it will be available in September 2019.. but todate its still not available.. bullshit!!!!

  31. Very helpful for this first time Apple Watch user. I was able to set up many features like the emergency sos and the ECG. It also helped me understand how some features work. Good job!

  32. Excellent video.

  33. Hi I have a question?

  34. Very informative. Love the health watch tip,fall tip, & calculator tip is awesome! Thank you

  35. great informative video!

  36. You can also get rid of Apple Watch apps in the Watch app on your iPhone. My watch > Installed on Apple watch > Show App on Apple Watch ( )

  37. Pity I saw more of your lamp reflections on the watch face than the watch functions 🙁

  38. How come the moon on my watch doesn’t look like yours? It’s just dark

  39. How to set up WhatsApp to iPhone watch S5

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