From $200 to $1000+ these laptops are perfect for back to school 2017.
LG Gram 13 on Amazon:
My full LG Gram video:

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 on Amazon:
My full Surface Pro video:

Lenovo Z50 on Amazon:
My full Lenovo Z50 video:

Lenovo Y700 on Amazon:…

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  1. I got the 2019 MacBook Pro and it is great

  2. Hey guys, this is exhausting

  3. nah i bought a gamin pc for school?

  4. Me laughs in surface laptop 3( not trying to flex)

  5. Number 4 looked like the one I used to game on!
    The lenvonos specs
    Core I5
    8gbs of ram

  6. Your energy is real ?

  7. The HP that you showed is one that I used to have.

  8. All of these comments are about being poor.

  9. You didn’t mention the dell inspiron with i5, 8gb ram and 256ssd with touch screen

  10. Lol I had a hp stream 14 for like 3 years still works great

  11. Worth mentioning I have a Lenovo-330-15ikb and it’s really good got it for under 400 and it has a core i5 1tb HDd and 8gb RAM

  12. $1000+ gaming laptop
    Me: Where's Acer Predator Helios 300??

  13. Austin: three USB ports
    *points at 2 usb ports*

    Edit: I watched the rest and it has one on the other side lol

  14. I like alianware….
    ALIANWARE : sell your kidney

  15. I have the first one, I'd recommend it

  16. I'm looking for a new laptop because my Toshiba Satellite L50-C-1GX is broken (literally)?

  17. just buy an older model thinkpad.. its cheap and it works.. replace hdd with ssd and upgrade the ram then you're set to go…

  18. Doesn’t the Microsoft Go have an Intel Pentium?

  19. I died a little bit when you said LENOVO and GAMING LAPTOP in the same sentence

  20. "Small bezels make laptops portable"-Austin Evans

  21. I’m poor..

    Sent from: Sandwich without crust

  22. surface pro sucks i have one dont get it

  23. Try gaming with those laptops

  24. I’ll bet these laptops combined cost more than tuition.

  25. I'll pickup the LG Gram 13, tyen put it back down because I can't afford it.

  26. You should also go over if they're upgradable or not
    Helps for longevity or if you don't mind a cheaper CPU but want more RAM or SSD

  27. I cant belive pepole like fan less it overheats

  28. Watch the vid again but focus on his hands

  29. I have the Lenovo 330s it’s good for video editing and light gaming

  30. Hey man this is Brian

  31. I am getting my new MacBook Air this year is gonna be 1000$ dollars

  32. Quit YouTube and play pro rocket league

  33. I’m a poor student…

    Sent from iPhone XS

  34. We need a 2019 ons school starts Wednesday for me 🙁

  35. I'm a poor student
    Sent from my Mac Pro with 1000 dollar stand

  36. I decided to go with a desktop due to the fact that I dont take my laptop anywhere so why have a laptop so now I have a desktop

  37. for me, none of these, a full 1080 in a laptop would be perfect…..

  38. I have an 850 dollar laptop but
    I got it on Black Friday

  39. I'm broke, lets see why… checks bills okay… paper, pencils, pen, binder, 4,000 DOLLAR GAMING PC??
    Point of the story: check your budget before you buy your PC parts

  40. "Im actually poor"

    -Sent from my Raspberry pi

  41. My middle school pays for some $200 Chromebooks for our school… P.O.S

  42. Horrible selections….better in all ranges!! Smdh

  43. I hope you make one of these videos for this year. I'm still waiting to see if people make one. I really want one for school.

  44. The first computer sucks don’t get it

  45. I needs a shout out my vids suck-a-poopoo

  46. Deez bitches suck get a goddamn MacBook

  47. You know, every time I hear the phrase “bang for buck”, it makes me think of prostitutes

  48. I need money!

    -Sent from my Dell XPS 15

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