There are lots of hidden shortcuts and features that have gone under the radar in watchOS, the operating system that runs on the Apple Watch.

In our latest video over on YouTube, we’ve rounded up some Apple Watch tips and tricks that every Apple Watch owner should know. You may already be aware of some of these tips, but there’s likely to be a few new things here for MacRumors readers.

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  1. Does the light trick only work on the 5? I have a 4 and mine isn’t flashing.

  2. Thanks I just learned something new because i did know how to turn the music off my phone

  3. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get steps count on the watch face as a complication?

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  8. I have a question.. Why put that thumbnail photo when that's the ONLY REASON I'm on here and you don't talk about it. How do you get that design? What gives man?

  9. I don’t have $600

  10. Ok the flashlight feature didn’t work for my 3watch and 8 phone

  11. (You can finger-type entire words into your Apple Watch)

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  13. I have the series 5, 42mm it’s beautiful

  14. Unlocking your mac with the phone is cool.

  15. How’d you get that watch face

  16. I got a Apple Watch on Christmas 2019 and the video is helpful

  17. i have a ding on the top left upper corner of my apple watch series 5. How to fix it?

  18. Learning more about the watch every day, but THIS was the most helpful!

  19. The last tip is really handy thanks

  20. Very useful! Thank you

  21. Brilliant! Now I can get people to understand that I'm about efficiency & not a device-addict. THANKU.

  22. I am facing the problem in my apple watch having manufacturing defect (crack appeared around the complete border of watch) which apple senior advisors clearly accepted on a phone call that its a manufacturing defect but they highlighted one other lame reason( glass chip off at one corner of watch which i am so confident that it was due to that existing crack on the borders which has completely weakened the glass) and thus they clearly refused to take my watch under their replacement programme.

    Apple should understand that every customer counts and when you know that you are delivering a product which has manufacturing defects (Apple have confirmed that on their official site as well ) whereas your senior advisor on a phone call are just finding the reasons to avoid the product getting covered in replacement programme.

    We are buying the product from so called reputed company and not somewhere from road side. We are paying lot of money not to buy the products having manufacturing defects and later not being entertained anywhere from apple representatives.

  23. Having the watch show what is playing is so annoying. Thanks for fixing this feature from dominating my watch

  24. I’ve had an Apple Watch since day 1 but didn’t know the first two tips!

  25. I really like the brown band on that watch! What is it?

  26. Pressing or tapping longer to activate flashlight finding iPhone 11 doesn’t work

  27. I learned a lot

  28. i knew all these except the light one, and when i tried it didn’t work on mine… i have the series 5 so idk why

  29. please, which one is that leather strap?

  30. I just got an Apple Watch for Christmas and this shows up in my recommended… trippy.

  31. That was very helpful. Thanks.

  32. Is that watch your using for this video gps or lte?
    And what series is it?
    Can you also tell me where to buy it because I can't find a suitable place

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