Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra First Review! After using the S20 Ultra for a few days, does Samsung’s flagship £1200 phone with HUGE 6.9″ screen, 100x Space Zoom & 120hz Refresh live up to the hype?

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  1. Hi Chaps – hope you liked the video ? Would you go for the S20, Plus or Ultra? (or none of them!)

    Here's my wallpaper:

  2. Could you please tell us which THEME and/or wallpaper were you using on the S20 ULTRA in this video? thanks!

  3. Is snapchat zoomed in?

  4. He prefered to be unbiased and make the comparative when Samsung release the camera update. It’s a rare proof of respects and professionalism.??????

  5. Hey! If you’re reading this checkout my channel for random unboxing.

  6. If you paused the video just before it ends, you will get an S20 Ultra.

  7. Why isn't there a touch sensor on newer devices for using the notification bar like this LG Q7 or s10e. Having that it's so convenient and much faster. It feels weird using my finger to reach for notification bar

  8. Is facebook messenger pre installed?

  9. I'm watching this on a s20 ultra and can honestly say this is the best quality video I've ever seen hands down

  10. Huawei mate 20 X,bigger and better

  11. Great and balanced overview. Subscribed. Separately, I have a Note 10 Plus and hate the fingerprint sensor. I was prepared to swap for this one (with Samsung’s trade in) but the same fingerprint sensor and crappy face recognition camera killed it.

  12. Samsung is having great difficulty in selling their over priced flagship phones ? Why ? There is too much competition in the mid market where people want to buy. Its not clear why samsung continues in this market at all. Testing it today the conclusion everyone will come to sooner than later is…over priced, disappointing camera, and really offers very little over the mid market phones which are erroding samsungs margins.

  13. 6:38 ladies, you know the procedures.

  14. i could never afford this

  15. This is a super disappointing phone from Samsung. It's full of ifs and buts!
    The Ultra starts at £1200, BUT is only has 128 GB memory if you want it in black! You can get 512 GB BUT only in grey!
    If you want the black and need more than 128 GB storage (who doesn't?) then you can use the SD card, BUT then you can't use 2 sim cards because the SD card and the second sim have the same slot!
    You can get the black if you don't care about storage and don't use 2 sim cards, BUT the black only comes with 16 GB of Ram! :
    It has a 120Hz screen, BUT not at 4k resolution! Are you kidding me Samsung? You're worried about my battery life? Give me the choice. Let me decide what I wanna do with my battery…
    It can record 8K, BUT at very low FPS.
    No thanks Samsung. I'll wait for One Plus 8 Pro.

  16. This phone is definitely enticing but I’m worried about the operating system. I haven’t been reading good things about it. I’ll stick with my 11 pro Max.

  17. I currently using S10+……is it worth upgrading???

  18. i still have note 8 and don't feel like i'm missing out on anything

  19. £1300? Keep your old one and buy a camera.

  20. Hey i saw the focus issue in 8K

  21. Why does the FA aka 'Ferguson Association' always favours Manure?

  22. Did I hear correctly that Samsung are going to send an update to allow 120 Hz even with the full powered screen?

    Or did I dream it

  23. No curved display…..So wrost flagship…….

  24. I want to know about the wallpaper on it! Where did you find that? =D

  25. @The Tech Chap what sooting game were you playing like that? Is it on IoS?

  26. Question for you if you have time.. Would you be able to do YouTube videos on this device? Or would you still need to have a camera to do quality videos? Thank you ?..

  27. Not paying that much until they improve the fingerprint sensor.

  28. I love android phones (pixel phones) but the iPhone is still the power house when it comes to phones and tablets.

  29. Lol no one cares about the plus model. For people that don't want the extreme features of the ultra.

  30. is normal on the first day, the O.S. work great, after that, work worst, always samsuns.

  31. As a casual user I was thinking of picking up a s10 plus. Just for a cheaper price and a nice solid flagship. Coming from a A40. Is this worth it. I’m not paying that kinda money for the ultra and it looks crazy big to carry around. And I don’t know if I even want to spend the money for a regular s20 or plus. Is the s10 plus worth it. Been to my local shop and it still stands out as nice. I love the prism silver colour. If I could have your help please.

  32. Long time ago the phone was smaller but nowadays the phone is getting bigger

  33. Haven't looked at a Spamdung since the S7 Edge, and went back to iOS. Had every iPhone since, and now I can see why everyone thinks Apple drip feed their customers. I still don't think the camera is anywhere near the iPhone though. Tone the saturation and contrast down, and it's a maybe. They should be fined for misleading marketing on space zoom though.

  34. Wait what? They’re updating it? I just bought it

  35. This guy always says something negative about other reviewers. It is so unprofessional and unnecessary. Bad attitude. "Don't recommend channel"

  36. میرے اس چینل کو ضرور سبسکرائب کریں۔۔

  37. Most powerful …no. Same processor mi10 pro, plus soon will be a bunch of them with this procesor…way to overpriced especially how Samsung loose their value in a couple months

  38. iPhone will always be #1

  39. Tech chap with over priced tech crap yaaaay. Last time i really cared about a phone was when samsung note 5 came out. Now its every 30 days. Fuck off and thanks. ??

  40. Idk but I prefer my note 10+ display the curve is so beautiful ?

  41. 100x zoom n 8k vdo need improvement in update

  42. ❣❣❣❣❣???

  43. Too bad android auto sucks compared to CarPlay…oh and…

    It’s 2020 and a MacBook ? Pro still can’t run Crysis ??

  44. Great review. Well done.

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