A simple demo application created to integrate with the fitbit app.
Gets the user data like the heart rate, sleep, glucose, etc after the user has authenticated the application to use its data from fitbit.

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  1. Awesome tutorial. Thanks!

  2. I want to stop fit bit. Turns on at 4pm daily ?

  3. What is data rate ? That we can read

  4. Has anyone gotten the new fitbit simulator to work in Linux /Ubuntu using Wine yet? If so any suggestions

  5. Nice attempt to help others. A suggestion to compose the steps in a logical way for the beginners to understand, and a context before each step would really help as well. Thanks for creating this video.

  6. is your code shared at github? can your share source code

  7. Could you please upload or attach the index.html code? Much appreciated!

  8. you said you can monitor blood pressure? Is that with the FitBit Charge 2 or another model?

  9. will this work with laravel frame work

  10. from where i can get the code of your project.Please tell me.

  11. Hi Pallavi that is a very useful link and thankyou very much for that. I have another question. What i am trying to achieve is an app in which we need to be able to show the data in terms of ther activity levels and the calories consumed in an android app and to be able to do that do i need to go through the same process regarding integrating the fit bit api with my third party app? Any advise will be highly useful. Thankyou in advance

  12. When you register the application, what do I need to enter for the Application Website * and Callback URL *?
    What is that? Please respond thank you.

  13. How did you "authorize" your test-local program within your fitbit account? I've tried looking this up online but cant seem to find anything that's relevant.

  14. Issue found: Fatal error: Class 'OAuth' not found in C:xampphtdocsFitBitfitbitphp.php on line 66..

    Please Help me If you can. Really appreciated..


  15. Hi I was just wondering what do you have in your home.php script.

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