Here is the laptop link that I am currently using for Windows stuff.
Some FAQ:
1. Are you sponsored for this video
A. Nope

2. Why this laptop, why not the XYZ laptop
A. I can only talk about the stuff that I personally use. I cannot use all of them.

3. What other laptop do you recommend?
A. MacBook pro for performance reasons

4. I don’t have a macbook budget, suggest me another laptop.
A. That’s why this video is out on youtube

5. Can I do ML and AI work on…

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  1. In the amazing box below video, also known as description box, I got some FAQ for you.

  2. Why it is recommended before I bought it????

  3. Is this what you call a budget laptop? That costs almost half a lakh.

  4. Mac is said by every YouTuber for there image.
    But in real second hand liya hota hai

  5. Every time you are company with mac

  6. I am it engineer any one please suggest best laptop for programming with a best battery back up

  7. I'll have this laptop with the specs :

    CPU: Ryzen 5 3550h
    Ram: 12gb ram ddr4 2400 or 2666mhz
    GPU :AMD RX560
    STORAGE : 1 TB HDD but I will replace it with 512 / 1tb ssd m. 2 / ssd sata

    What do you think? Btw I'll study and build android app and website in the future.

  8. Lenovo laptop p1 and p53 good or not?

  9. Can Ryzen 5 be a good option for programming

  10. Can I buy MacBook Air 2017 now… I m a cse student I want laptop for coding purpose… plzzz tell me

  11. Almost reached to end of video. "That laptop, this laptop, this machine, that performance machine".

    For God sake, tell about model.

  12. Sir what about new Thinkbook 14 ips laptop??

  13. What about msi brand ? I have heard that it have a support or service issue. I am looking laptop for programing & multiple VMs. Acer nitro 5 ryzen 5 @ 51k or Msi g ryzen 7 @ 79k ?

  14. Not available on Amazon?

  15. very true!SSD makes your life a lot easy. Upgraded to Samsung 860 evo pro recently. worth every penny?

  16. But now it is around 70k

  17. Thank you sir is this batter than macbook Air 2017 model ?

  18. Processor is important in every system….

  19. Video Khatam Laptop Konsa Pata Nhi Chala?

  20. Dell inspiron 15" 5590 with 2gb mx 250 is pretty good for programming! Cost? 62,000 INR or 850$

  21. im planning a ultra budget laptop it comes with Gemini lake. is that cool for development except android studio?

  22. In budget* you insisted…..

  23. Android studio works perfectly on my nitro 5 (i5+16gb ram + 128gb ssd)

  24. Bhai hindi me bhi jankari diya kro

  25. Did amd ryzen 3 or 5 laptop fit for heavy programing ? Or just intel prosesor?

  26. Bro I'm a game programmer suggest me best laptop under 60 k

  27. It's just like my laptop but without the graphics card.. Can it still work?

  28. Hi, can you make any video on desktop for graphics designer.

  29. Hello Sir, I met you when you came to Mody University for a session. Can you suggest me a laptop apart from MacBook Pro for video editing and using premier pro cc?

  30. Hello sir r u on Instagram



  32. Sir I bought this laptop..Buy actually confused where to install Ubuntu on ssd or HDD..

  33. Your views on i5 quad core 128gb 8gb MacBook Pro for programing

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