Is this bold attempt by Acer worth a try?

Special Appearance: Wibi Irbawanto
Place: Common Grounds, Jakarta

Elevated Mind – Lucid Flow

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  1. Douse anyone know a good laptop for gaming,drawing, and making beats

  2. Does it has Nitro sence

  3. Does the laptop gets too hot while using CAD softwares like CATIA, solidworks or other 3D modelling and simulation softwares??
    Can i5 version handle them?

  4. is there a 14" rig?

  5. I have a question
    can you play roblox and fortnite and other games on this bc im gonna buy one so I wanna know will it work if i play those games

  6. I think you are underrated af

  7. It has everything but looks and slim borders is missing

  8. Does anyone know how this will work with pcsx2 emulation? I just wanna play kh2 in my car

  9. Awesome video exactly what I needed

  10. Attach a keyboard and a mouse and you’re set

  11. Where do you get the 16gb variant?

  12. Would getting a fan stand help with the cooling?

  13. Does this laptop support up-gradation Samsung 970 evo Nvme pcie m.2 sad

  14. Can you please send a link to buy the 16gb nvme version I can't find it anywhere!!!

  15. Can you gift me the laptop?

  16. I need to know that how long for exactly bettery life when i just want use only document work?
    Thank you in advance dude.

  17. Sssssssss is all i hear

  18. i bought the i5 version of the lap yesterday. And i installed a WD Blue m.2 ssd it is not getting detected in bois and disk management. Anyone had any trouble like this?

  19. i am a light games playes 1 hour a day rest programming is it good for me bro..

  20. I can't find a 16gb version anywhere. 🙁

  21. Would this laptop be recommended for Architects? using autocad/rhino/adobe softwares??

  22. Does it have pen support?

  23. I love this laptop for what i needed. I am a heavy gamer however my heavy gaming is done nostly on my gaming desktop build. I needed a work/fun/light game all around laptop. This laptop is great for being on the go handling 20 plus excels sheets without skipping a beat. It can do light Photoshop editing with ease. It also is great with the red backlit keyboard for late night content absorption when baby and wife are asleep in the same room. Also being able to run fallout 4 with decent frame rates while on my 6 hour flight with such a light top was an awesome experience.

    However there are some flaws as with any laptop…. The backlight turns off too quickly unless your actively typing(track pad does not turn it backlight) and can't be adjusted other then simply off that seems minor but can be more annoying as time goes on. This sucker gets pretty warm with heavy loads and I have the i5 model so I know the i7 can get really hot. The heat seems centered on the wasd keys which is the opposite of gamer friendly. Also the brushed aluminum body is beautiful however is the most fingerprint attractive thing I've used since high gloss plastic! The track pad out of the box with the installed drivers(synaptic) sucks donkey balls!!! However using some youtube guides meant for the normal acer spins(non nitro) I was able to install some windows precison drivers meant a lenovo laptop with success and its been perfect since. Windows updates might break that however!

    I would recommended this to gamers who already have a desktop to game on and want a 2 in 1 to be more mobile with instead of always being stuck at a desk for lighter tasks. If your a gamer who has a desktop and travels an insane amount like me this can easily be a nice addition to your life! If you are gonna use this as your main gaming rig buy a controller or seperate mouse in keyboard so you can use it in tent mode and allow the intakes on the bottle to get air to keep up with the heat.

    Great video glad to see some non launch reviews done in english. You found a new subscriber in me

  24. Very nice video and very nice device (seems too good to be true). This is the type of content I usually see on really popular tech channels.
    I shall subscribe

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