DCON Review of 3 laptops under $300. This video is for the students out there that need a good laptop running windows 10, capable of general computing (web browsing, email, microsoft office, netflix, etc) and above all affordable.

3 laptops reviewed in this video:

11″ Acer Spin 1 – a fantastic dual core 2-1 convertible laptop that has a wonderful keyboard, a great (albeit small) trackpad and excellent battery life. I love this laptop and it was my favorite of the 3.

14″ Asus VivoBook…

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  1. Why Is this so relaxing

  2. Does any of these laptops offer a backlit keyboard ?

  3. I care nothing about my web cam quality and can it run blender or photoshop?

  4. I liked the video as soon as you said chromebook crap ?

  5. that dave altar back there

  6. Is that Dave I see back there?

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