Watch D-GiBBY react to Alip Ba Ta cover Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (fingerstyle cover)
#AlipBaTa #Queen #BohemianRhapsody







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  1. Lingsir wengi pliss

  2. Damn beard man?, slow it down, for non native English i can't keep up with what you saying?

    If you want to shaking your hat try cover if bob Marley from him

  3. Alip ba ta hotel california

  4. Are you a football commentator????

  5. No movies, no sports, coronavirus …problem. D Gibby….problem solved!!! Take care my friend, much love from Tuscaloosa Alabama!!

  6. ni orang reactionnya terlalu banyak sandiwaranya, ?
    jadi eneg nontonnya?

  7. I am Indonesian, too proud???

  8. Bob marley broo next reaction????

  9. nice reaction.. good job bro

  10. Anjirr lieur ngomongna peperepetan kitu jiga pepetesan cengek ? thanks for your reaction kang bro @dgibbyfit

  11. Next react jennifer lopez on the floor, alip ba ta fingerstyle cover

  12. A beautiful interpretation … A pleasant and beautiful sharing! A delight. Thank you and well done!
    Good afternoon.
    Friendships .. Danielle

  13. Love your reaction…magic fingers he has

  14. Boom………………. I like you……….

  15. Kui jenenge kapo Bro sing biru² kui……….✌️

  16. Jenggotmu koyo sapu Bro……?✌️

  17. The blue piece you are Referring to is a guitar Capo. It is used to shorten the playable length of the strings raising the pitch.

  18. Aku suka aku suka,, keren

  19. Dude ….. jaw dropping john gomm passionflower …. a real one man band check it out

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