Thoughts on the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, the new Alienware m15 / m17 and the Razer Studio Laptops.
ZenBook Pro –

Unboxing from Michael Josh –

Background Music Fili – Differences

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  1. Would you rock a double screen? is it useful to you?

  2. I bought this mac. Works better than anything I've ever owned before.

  3. my only concern from these specific computer you mention is "they don't have left handed version for mouse pad touch".

    Please Subscribe me..

  5. Good vid. Question: for burn in testing shouldn’t you use an all black (nodes off) background with a white icon (nodes on)?

  6. I cant wait on y750 legion 15inch

  7. by the way this laptops are also prety good can you ppl recomend me one thx 🙂

  8. New 2020 HP 14" FHD IPS LED 1080p Laptop Intel Core i5-1035G4 4GB DDR4 128GB SSD Windows 10 with S Mode buy now

  9. #ASUS #VivoBook 15 X512FA Intel Core i3 8th Gen
    Price: ₹ 34,290

    Link –

  10. No to Zenbook Pro Duo. Yes to the ProArt series with Xeon & Quadro.

  11. But can it play Interstellar Marines?

  12. just don't tell prices. feels good.

  13. Forget all that
    Thats Stupid
    Lol I love you Dave.

  14. Off the subject, who makes the light bars in the background?

  15. Better grab a functional laptop now before this bullshit becomes a standard feature on all laptops

  16. my sister asked "why he has so many laptops?"

  17. Hey Dave, can you make a list with laptops (2018/2019 models), that can be upgraded in the future, after 5-7 years (rams, ssd, etc)? Thank you for your work and keep up the good work!

  18. OK. Dave, you're much smarter than me. Price no object, what is your dream laptop?

  19. Hello, bro. Can you give me any advice on Core i9 MacBook Pro and the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo? I am hard to make my decision. Which should I buy?

  20. How come you keep pausing and put your hand over your mouth? Hiccups or burping?

  21. It's nice you listen to someone with a calm demeanor.

    Linus is filled with energy, cracking jokes. Some seem angry for some reason. This is nice for a change.

  22. I just got a MacBook Air ? and I think I’m taking it back now ???

  23. I thought the touch screen is awesome. I'm a programmer and I need to have the terminal up, and having somewhere to put irc and other realtime information on screen all the time, I really want one.

  24. @0.53 think about rendering out an animation/video/illustration on a seperate screen (bottom) while doing the work on the main screen (top). Do a tweak, render it then keep working. Put your youtube/udemy/etc… course on the bottom screen while working the course on the pragram in question your top screen. New one sucks too much battery life!

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