Apple’s new Digital AV adapter connects to your iPad’s 30-pin connector to send both audio and video over HDMI. It also has a 30-pin connector, which will allow you to charge your device while displaying on a second screen. On the iPad 2, it will video mirror nearly every screen/app to an external display.

Check out my related iPad 2 videos to see more on the video mirroring features.

It’s compatible with the iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch 4G. It retails for $39 and is…

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  1. Nice video. Very informative.

  2. I researched this thing for days to order the right one and guess what. I fucking did it works great thinks God knock on wood lol

  3. World’s first dongle

  4. My iPad Is an iPad 2 and it says that my adapter it doesn't work on this iPad I don't know why I watched every video on YouTube and. Still don't know what happened please help ):

  5. when u connect this to pc can u use your mouse and keyboard instead of touching tapping iphone screen………

  6. what about ipod touch 2?

  7. can i use it to connect my ps3 to ipad …. please help

  8. As seen from the comments, none are answered.

  9. so i can use the ipad to connect to a gaming console via hdmi using this?

  10. "This was before the Amazon Fire's and Apple TV's…"

  11. I need help! Like an idiot I bought an old ipad2 without usb ports – I didn't know that! I have no wish to delete songs on my ipod just to put it on the library to put it on ipad!! Tell me this adapter will connect and show up on the ipad Itunes….Or have I wasted my money getting the ipad2?

  12. Where can i get this ?? I really need one of those for my ipod 4th g

  13. If I got an iPhone 5, and I slopped on a Lightening to 30pin adapter, then put this on which I charge through 30pin and watch netflix on HDMI, would this work?

  14. Mine dosent pass through audio. Help please

  15. what about the iphone 6s plus, can I mirror this phone the same way?

  16. Does it pass thru audio

  17. Does it work with a 30 pin to lightning adapter

  18. Anybody know if this works with Netflix using iPhone 4

  19. Will this input hd from other device to iPhone?

  20. Mine doesnt work either with my iphone 4s but with my moms iphone it does work both are running ios 8.4 help please

  21. Mine doesn't work either, I think it's the iOS updates iPhone sends you. I have an iPhone 4s and once I updated my iOS update it stopped working. I blame it on the updates!!!

  22. on a ipad 1 when you hook up digital av adapter can you go to internet site and play the movies thats on there to where it shows up on tv?

  23. Why can't you do the merrior either with the iPhone like so you can see the screen when you record I have both iPad iPad mini and original Ipad I guess I will try hard please reply back. If you have the time

  24. Mine stop working on me I even bought a new one, can anyone tell me why it doesn't work anymore?

  25. satılık 50 TL ye 30 pin Apple Digital AV/HDMI Adapter for iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod sıfır kutusuyla mesaj bırakın geri dönerim

  26. This doesn't work any more,can some one help?

  27. thankyou so much and to anyone who can't get it working, go to photos, watch some videos while pluged in and best of all, get Buzz Films and watch free movies

  28. I bought this adapter so I could watch netflix off my phone to my laptop for a bigger screen( no tv) and never got it to work or mirror my phone on laptop. Any ideas?

  29. i am about to buy one of those to use Waze APP on my car DVD. Can you tell me if Waze is supported to be mirrored on Iphone 4?

  30. I'm using an iphone 4s works great untill I play a video then the whole tv dims any tips on adjusting the lighting

  31. can i play with this also movies that i've bought in itunes with drm-protection?

  32. Thanks Mike, really useful.

  33. Will this work on all games

  34. Why does it show not fucking supported

  35. I have an ipad 3 and I bought the av cable, and everytime im projecting to a tv after a minute it pops out a message that says accessory not supported by ipad. do you know why is this and how to fix this ??

  36. Mine doesn't work

  37. Question if anyone knows it?
    I use my ipad regularly to watch netflix shows through this hdmi cord. Is there a way to turn off your ipad while still watching shows on tv. It's draining my battery. And the wall charger can't keep up with the battery life during shows.

  38. Hi, good video, by the way I got a doubt about this adapter, I have an Ipad 2 and the same adapter, but I have a problem, and is that my intertnet falls down, I can watch videos or games, or hear music, but when I try netflix or another app that involves internet, a problem appears in the app. Does anyone can help me? thanks for your time.

  39. Can i watch movie/tv using xfinity app thru this cable?

  40. Does it work with Movie Box on the iPad 3?

  41. Does it work with iPod 3

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