Apple Digital AV Lightning to HDMI Adapter Test
I finally bought an official Apple Digital AV adapter, our you just call it Lightning to HDMI adapter from the Apple Store in Berlin. It’s pricy yes and for most people an AppleTV might be the better choice, but if you are on the go and you don’t have Wifi than this adapter is your only hope to hock up your iPhone or iPad to a TV or other big screen.

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  1. Can i use that adapter to use the ipad as a monitor and not the other way around?

  2. On za za za on za zats za zitones ztore za za za za

  3. Literally nothing happens when I plug my phone in

  4. Sis is….,ssse Television

  5. Does the video lag?

  6. working for ipad 4?

  7. You have which ipad?

  8. Is it working to Netflix when u conect to big screen

  9. I waited 5 years and I got it for 12.99

  10. Look on amazon they are £7.27

  11. Thank you so much for this content I just spent 70$ Canadian on one of these and I did not want to open the box until I knew it would work !! ?

  12. HELP PLEASE….My lightning HDMI adapter was working perfectly but now it’s showing S500F2A1LG009V012 and some thing like a barcode, I have updated my iPhone 7 recently ios13 update and still no change. Any advice please.Thanks

  13. German accent, aren't you?

  14. Anyone have any issues with audio syncing?

  15. Mine didn’t function

  16. I used a 3rd party unit for my iPhone 6s for a while , worked great then it stopped. Now just a 'QR' code and several numbers appear. Can anyone help?

  17. Is it work with projector?

  18. So confusing… what is the difference between Lightning AV Adapter , ‘ Lighting to VGAadapter’ and ‘Lightning to HDMI’??

    What does Lightning to VGA Adapter do then if Lightning AV Adapter does all as we use all types of app in iPhone?

    Which one has more multifunctional?

    YouTube or videos works in both?

    Which one will work TV as a IPhone monitor?

  19. To anybody who wants to use this in uk to watch sky go or the bt sports app, let me save you the hassle. it does not work. Sky and bt have blocked it somehow.

  20. Sänk ju for trefeling wis deutsche bahn

  21. Is there a latency difference between the apple one and the chinese ones?
    Cuz i habe the chinese one and i get a second of lag.

  22. That HDMI adaptor can support IPhone SE??

  23. Doesn't work. What a waste

  24. this is one of those videos where pressing MUTE adds more value to it

  25. Ur accent is so cute ??? keep doing videos please

  26. I got a Chinese knock off for 10$ same design same box just no apple logo

  27. My Netflix does not show the picture and I have this cord can someone help me with it

  28. Lol ein englisches faultier?

  29. The reason this particular adapter is so expensive is because it contains an ARM chip that converts the iPad’s H.265 format to a HDMI format. That requires hardware to get decent quality and not place the load on the iPad’s or iPhone’s SoC. Despite its price, it’s a good device in terms of solution.

  30. I have ipad 6th generation and iphone 6s. I just bought the connector. It displays ipad's screen on my dell monitor through hdmi but for iphone, it does not display anything. The screen does not even detect presence of my iphone. Do I need to change some settings on iphone?

  31. Can u hook it to a camcorder?

  32. Cannot finish video. Accent too annoying. Sry.

  33. Anyone know Why mine doesn’t work? I plugged it in as pointed out pretty simple. But no Blue bar comes up on my phone, and no connection to my screen. I use IPhone 6S.

    Can anyone tell me what to do or enable sp my phone Can talk with the device?

  34. We're providing the same product with really good price at

  35. do i have to have internet in my tv?

  36. How about while taking video on iphone is it okay ? No delayed movement in the tv ?

  37. The problem with this adapter, is that the reaction is delayed on the tv, just as much as the Apple tv wireless connection, so there is really no advantage other than you don’t need a wifi connection. So it’s not good for gaming or anything that needs faster reaction speeds. I guess we had to wait 5 years for Apple to change to usb instead of lightning for this to be fixed, leave it to Apple to be over 10 years behind the other companies. Nokia did this already back before the smart phone was invented.

  38. Does amazon prime video on tv with this adapter work?

  39. Do u need a smart tv or no

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