In this informal video, I show how you can easily connect the iPad 2 to a big-screen television using the optional HDMI adaptor ($39 in the U.S., $45 in Canada). That way you can play games, look at photos and videos, and more — on a display much bigger than the 9.7-inch iPad 2.

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  1. Hello does anyone know if this adapter still works the same way after updating my ipad 2 to ios 9

  2. I feel sad that the older gadgets like the ipad 2 are almost unusabe today. I made this video on the best ways to use our old devices. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

  3. Great vid Mark
    Question for you I have the phantom 4 Can I use an adaptor- lightning to HDMI then to the controller HDMI and if so will the display be better ?


  4. I have the hdmi cable with a 30 pin adaptor but it wont connect to the tv

  5. I draw digital Caricatures and I have an iPad Pro and want to draw in portrait mode and have TV in portrait angle. Do I need to lock the flip on my iPad?

  6. How did you see Jack shit I'm having the same problem I'm tired of the little square in the middle of my screen I need to know how to stretch this so I can play my farming simulator game please help me

  7. How to stretch the TV view? It depends on which TV you have but usually you enter the menu and then select the display options. From there you should be able to try the various options available on your particular TV.

  8. OK. I will answer the question because I just figured it out.

    "Strech" is an option for TV instead of iPad.

    My TV is a cheap one, $220, Vizio, 39''. The controller has a "Wide" button. After the iPad is connected, I clicked on Wide button and chose "Zoom" out of
    "Strech" which makes screen bigger horizontally,
    "Wide" which is only a little bigger than "Normal", and
    "Zoom" which is the smartest way to make the screen bigger

  9. Which tv on I pad

  10. How did you fill the screen?

  11. Hey please open a music workstation app i need to know if it works with beatmaker 2 music app please please please !!!

  12. will plz tell me how can i attach my pandrive to ipad2..bcoz i hv my stuff in pandrive n wana transfer file from ipad2 to pandrive n pandrive to ipad2

  13. So do understand it right, your ipad has to stay on the whole time?

  14. does it charge the iPad while still plugged into the tv?

  15. Will this work with IPAD AIR 2?

  16. Not with ios 8 , apple sux

  17. Hi, how did you make the output full screen?  will this work with higher models of ipad (eg ipad air or mini)?

  18. How to stretch

  19. How do you expand the picture?

  20. does it work with all games.

  21. How did you change the resolution to fit full screen on HDTV? Thanks

  22. How do I make FULL screen on my TV???????

  23. I bought a different version which is very similar but it doesent work, at all, unless there's something I need to do, please help?

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