In-Depth Review of the 6th Generation 9.7″ Apple iPad for 2018 in all colors – now with support for Apple Pencil. Also included is a comparison to the iPad Pros and iPad 5th Gen.

Apple Pencil Video:






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  1. Glad you guys like the video! I promise the Galaxy S9/S9+ video is coming up next week. Lots to cover!

  2. Watching this video on my iPad 2018?

  3. I like the iPad because it’s way easier to see for me. And the iPad 6th generation is more advanced, less glitchy or slow than my other iPad 4th gen

  4. I don't recommend iPad 6th Generation. We just experienced problem with ours. We bought it in Sep 2018 and it appears a Power on problem just after one year. Once the screen is locked, the screen will remain dark and won't get screen on even though we know it has 100% battery. We tried the recommendations online (Pressed home and power together etc.) and it doesn't work. Yesterday we brought it to an Apple store, and the representative did a full resetting to my iPad 6th Generation and it still not working. So they said I have to pay $329+Tax for repair as it seems a hardware problem. And they also said we should have purchased $79+Tax extension warranty at the time we purchased it. Since it has past one year, that's the repair fee we need to pay. We are very disappointed with this iPad 6 Generation's quality and we believe there must be some problem with this device's quality. We have iPad 4th Generation, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 11 at home, and among all of them, this iPad 6th Generation is the WORST! DON'T BUY!

  5. That gold color is rose gold. Just saying not to be rude or anything ❤️ you

  6. You did this on my Birthday

  7. I’m watching this on an iPad 6th generation what a coincidence

  8. Who is watching this on the iPad 6 gen?

  9. Is a 32 gb enough if i wanna buy 6th gen?

  10. I’m watched this on a iPad 6th generation

  11. In my iPad I got a 10W Charger…Nani!

  12. Watching this with my iPad 6

  13. Just watching some reviews cuz I can't own one? I'm a broke b*tch?.. Honestly I hope I can do commissions to buy some.. it would be really good for easy access tool in digital drawing wherever you are..

  14. I'm thinking about buying this iPad but I don't know if it's good enough even in 2020. I draw digitally.

  15. Is it good for editing RAW images??

  16. I want this now… 🙂

  17. why don't they include earpods in them?

  18. watching this coz i consider to buy ipad 6th gen for my streaming game i nedd to oder real quick now

  19. I’m getting one tomorrow with my Xmas money

  20. I am watching this on the same iPad

  21. Who is watching this video with the same ipad??

  22. I wont you speak me thank for I spake you face putifol

  23. That's cool u can double tasks

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