Apple’s new flagship tablet, hitting its stride.

iPad Air 2:

The original iPad Air:

Ty Moss’ iPad comparison:

Arq Dock:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start…

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  1. Love this thing, runs iPad os, brilliant little device

  2. Anybody watching in 2020??

  3. 2014 no
    2015 hmm no
    2016 maby
    2017 ya
    2018 nop
    2019 lol no
    2020 lets get em

  4. 5 years old, my iPad Air 2 is suffering from battery and screen problems lol

  5. My iPad mini is os 9 so it’s time for a upgrade

  6. I’ve iPad mini 1 but this this Christmas I would love one of them be a good upgrade play hay day on it love it

  7. i still have this boii. i’m planning to get the 10.5 .. good idea?

  8. I bought this tablet 6 months ago and the battery is brilliant, better than my iPhone 6s and my macbook 12” retina. UX is still amazing. I have no reason to upgrade it.

  9. M watching from I pad air 2 though….

  10. I’m watching on a IPad Air 2

  11. Omg That youtube logo 5years ago

  12. If u buy a space grey iPad u won’t be able to see the non laminated display
    She’ll be alright

  13. can get for free at Sears. Spend $100 get $100 back in points with shopyourwayrewards program

  14. 2019 is almost over, But i can afford only secondhand ipad air 2 after 4years of released.

    I watch this video because I'm about to buy secondhand Ipad Air 2.

    Hit like button If your poor like me,

  15. the only reason id ever like an ipad is because of the big screen, but other tablets are doing that now also, the apps are glitchy, the battery gets very hot on this. i have it for school and hate it with a passion, i only go to school for 2 hours and every day after school my ipad is hovering around 65 percent, which is pitiful, for using apps like google docs and schoology only, and no streaming or downloading. don't even get me started about how bad their phones are.

  16. Watching on iPad Air 3 in 2019. That touch ID looks sloooooooow ?

  17. My iPad Air 2 is three years old now, and it still rocks hard! ?

  18. I remember getting this as a 5 year old it replaced my Lenovo tablet (but it's still my favorite) and to this day I still use this and am watching this video on my iPad

  19. Steve Jobs Tech. It's better.

  20. I still use it because it can still update to the latest OS and the new versions of iPad are not worth buying

  21. I forgot the password to my ipad

  22. Can play fortnite on it?

  23. is there a celluar services to make call like mobile or not man?

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